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February 07, 2008



It wasn't until I read your blog that I realized that I too have been holding onto something other than some excess pregnancy pounds. I have been holding on to control. I pray and ask for guidance and for patience and yet in every thing I do I still want full control.

Now, I know not everyone believes in the power of prayer, but it has worked for me throughout my life. I know it's how we got our home at the height of the real estate market for well below market value, I know it's how we found the house precisely in the city and the area we wanted to live in and I know it's why I now have an almost 7-month old baby boy in the other room.

What I also know is that these things only happened when I prayed for them to come into my life not when I wanted them, but when they were meant to. It took 5 years for us to get this house in the city we wanted it but it happened. Our son took a year and a half, but now he is here.

So right now, because of your infinite wisdom, I am releasing my own flower. As of now I will stop trying to control everything and try to just let things happen organically. That is not to say that I plan on sitting by and not being proactive about my life and my life's goals, but rather that I will accept that things happen in their own time for their own reasons and that as long as I continue to do my part and nurture my dreams and work hard at being more patient as a mother and wife, and at being an overall better person general, these things will in time happen.

Thank you for helping me see something that was so obvious and yet entirely ignored.


blaming myself.



Wow, what a post! Definitely inspiring! What I have learned to let go of is the fact that I CAN'T do everything. I can't do it all. I have to be willing to ask for help from the beautiful people around me. To also learn to wait and realize that I will have time to get things done down the road.

I am a firm believer of lists. They work for me. They help me to organize the multitude of thoughts that race through my mind of things I need to get done.

And Di, I do believe in the power of prayer. It helps me tremendously as well.

I also have learned to let go (or should I say I am working on it) of certain fears too.


Stacie...this is an awesome post....and imagine a field of flowers...and all of them are your dreams...magical! Which you can let go into the universe....and await all of them with passionate living in the meantime...

Your words made me catch my breathe...xx


thank you for this...resonates deep, deep, deeply for me these days.
as for letting go...i am *practicing allowing the space, the spaciousness. getting out of the way (my own way, spirit's way, the universe's way) to allow for spirit/light/energy/love to flow through me, to guide me, to hold & heal.


I love lists. Could not live without them & I think I get that from my Dad. He is the list master!

Like a few of our other pals, I, too, pray. I am FAR from the "religious" type. I don't go to Temple or Church. I don't believe in organized religion. But, I do believe in God & I totally feel that prayer has not only saved my butt a few times, but granted me many of my dreams & wishes in this life.

As for letting stuff go: I am a bit of a control freak & that causes a lot of unnecessary frustration in many areas of life. Your post is helping me to see that, as well as our prior conversations. :) I know I need to "let go" more than I do. My biggest problem is probably not letting go of many family issues & trying to control all my crazies & get them to make nice to one another & to me. I cannot control them & they simply don't want to play nice -- I have since kicked them out of the playground. I felt lighter as a result & certainly less stressed. It's not to say I don't still get a bit "sucked in" from time to time, but I try harder to let them all be as crazy as they want amongst themselves & I just won't engage that conversation (or evil e-mail war) anymore with them. If I don't comment on their BS, then I sleep better ....period! And, I find that once I am feeling better, so is my spouse. My friends probably feel better, too, not having to hear me vent all the time.

Thanks, Stacie, for being a constant ray of sunshine with a ton of wisdom on simply being a nice, good person!! XOXO


I'm letting go the fear of failing ... unfortunately it sometimes catches up with me, but I force myself to let it go again, and move forward with what I have wanted for a long time...

this is an incredible posts, thank you...

I see all your dreams coming true, those flowers are blooming indeed!



pink sky

i'm working hard of letting go of the past having to dictate the future. i am letting go of the 'should haves' and the 'if only(s)' and trying to plug into the upward energy of the 'one day at a time' and the 'yes, you can(s)'. this year i am writing down lots of lists and goals too, with baby steps along the way that i can joyfully and proudly check off to show myself the progress. myy letting go is giving me hope.

boho girl

this is so beautiful honey.
i'm so weepy.
i feel the power of letting go and intention surrounding you.

thank you for providing a space to think about what i need to let go of and to write some juicy lists.

loving you.


that just gives me tingles all over. such powerful, magical, beautiful stuff. it reminds me of when my hubby says, "you need to get out of your own way."
how many times have i blocked my energy flow because i am too tied up in the outcome, too determined that all my dreams will come true in this exact way i have imagined while failing to see the quiet magic that is taking place all around me.

anyway, thanks for sharing your insight.
here's to letting the energy flow....


You have left me with much to think about this weekend. Thank you for this post...


i'm pulling out my pen and post-it notes right now!


:) a whole lot and it is so good as i take a few moments for myself this morning before heading out to meet with some clients ... this was beautiful to read and i resonate with it so much these days, much love sweetness, xo


Wow. Your posts are ALWAYS so inspiring to me. I have been holding very tightly to a few things and realize now that unless I let them go I give them no room to grow.
Thank you
ps the pregnancy photographs of you are unbelievably AMAZING, you are so beautiful and it is so apparent that denise knows you and connects with you. I think of you and your path often. :)


beautiful words, beautiful you..

I've been on a bit of a "purge" this week, and it wasn't until I read your post that I realized what I was doing.
Moving to a smaller space has forced me to let go of a lot of the clutter, physical and emotional. I removed 35 books from my shelves this week and donated them to the library. Clothes, decor, papers. Gone. It feels so freeing.



can you please send me your postal address...want to send something for your little girl..xx


It sounds like you are in tune with your body and what works for you. I am 35 weeks pregnant and read Ina May's Guide to Chilbirth. She says the best thing to do for GD is exercise after eating.

I myself have had a roller coaster of a pregnancy (major anxiety at times) and in many of your entries I can relate to what you are feeling. BUT like you, I would never trade it in for anything.

Have you considered acupuncture for your induction? I have met many, many women who preferred this successful method over Pitocin or any other induction method for that matter.

I also want to pass on another secret. Have you taken your Group B test yet. This typically happens in week 36. If not you may want to start taking up to 2,000 mg of Vitamin C a day and 5,000 billion cells of a probiotic. You may prevent having to take an anti-biotic during labor. (a labor and delivery nurse of 20 years passed this recipe on to me, you can also do research for this on line.)

But again, go with what you feel. That's what I've done throughout these 8 months and I like to practice what I preach.

Best wishes to you.



wow, stacie...thank you for this. i don't think i can express how much i needed to read it, and martha beck's article, tonight.

recently, i've begun to let go of my need for closure. (it's a cyclical thing, for me.) with people, in particular...sometimes i'm just not going to get the resolution i crave, sometimes resolution isn't the lesson to be learned in that relationship context.

i'm so happy that a little girl is going to be born into your family...i can't imagine the amount of love she will bask in. xox


I stumbled across your blog today as I was doing an image search and this post just caught my eye.

I need to let go of worry and remember that what I need always comes.



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