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February 13, 2008



A beautiful posting and it touches on something I wrote last night about my reasons for starting a blog. I have been completely inspired by the tribe of friendship I have seen discovered through the blogging community. Your friendship with Boho Girl in particular has made me put my own tribal call out there. Thank you for sharing and, as a result, inspiring. xx ps. those photos Denise took of you are quite breathtaking.


that pic of you is gorgeous...the color, the beads, the of those magical, miracle sort of photos...


i'm so excited for you honey, it was my pleasure to leave a wish for you and your baby girl. xo


i adore that photo of you, you look so incredibly at peace ... it was fun to leave a wish with mccabe :) xo


GORGEOUS photo, yet again!! XOXO


this was sooo beautifully written, schmoops, and quite poignant.
you contribute SO MUCH to the blogging community,
(and me)
it is lovely to see all these kindreds shower you with love.



Thank you many times over for sharing YOU with us... thank you for the kind words you have sprinkled here and there...

(((HUGS))) and love to you,


I just had to write...thank you for your words. I'm not sure if you remember me or not but I wrote to you last summer about my miscarriage because I felt a connection to you and how your shared your experience. You wrote back to me with words of wisdom. Like you, I am now pregnant again...with a girl also! I'm due June 3rd. Thanks for sharing your journey. :) Wishing you and your beautiful family all the best!


you are so gorgeous...inside and out...


I, like many others it seems, also wrote to you months ago about my experience with miscarriage. Your story and insight brought me much comfort and light in a very dark period of my life, so for that I am extraordinarily grateful. Your words today ring so true - about how strange it is that such a painful experience and loss can bring so many unexpected blessings over time. Reading about your journey and your friends like Mccabe has inspired me to embark on my own creative journeys. What began as a search for healing and peace has become this life-changing transformation (something that is all at once surprising, exciting, terrifying - at least for me, the chronic planner that always thought I had my career, etc all planned out). So please - keep doing what you're doing, and don't underestimate the profound effects you inspire in many lives out here. Wishing you lots of luck & happiness as the arrival of your little one draws near.


I love coming to your blog and I enjoy reading it. On my " Favorite blogs list" your blog is my # 1, this is the one I opened first and read first with my cup of tea( and my list is long about 30!). I love the georgeous pictures, your writting. There is a unique sense of peace and wisdom that I find only when reading your blog. I also love your passion for life and now since you have been sharing your pictures while pregnant I never seen a such radiant beauty.
Happy Valentine's day to you!


i love this was my pleasure to leave a word for your & jimmy's wee girl. my goddess, i don't think i could be more excited about this arrival...i can't wait to meet her through pictures, too.


Your face and words bring me so much joy. You are just like one of these gorgeous rocks in my life. A special gentle gorgeous reminder of the good things.

I thank you back. For being there-for writing-for connecting-for supporting.

You are divine.

I love you

boho girl

whose that stunning woman in the photo?

i am grateful for you and your friendship...always.

ps. i heart nigella.


I found you through the wonderful Mccabe and I would just like to wish you well on your journey. Although I don't know your whole "hi"story I am very excited to see what your future holds for you. Best wishes for your new journey. I will be checking back to see how it unfolds.


hello beautiful you! I have already been there and wished your wee one (and you!) 'wings.' Every other possible blessing is there already, too!!!

I've only 'met' you recently but I have been so touched by you. You inspire me to let more of myself into my writing, not just what I think I should write. I wanted to wish your wee one 'beauty' but with a mama like you, she will already be blessed with an abundance of it!

Love to you!!!!



*Love to you*

Sarah Farmer Earll

my word for little Schmoopy: UNLESS

it's a reminder to never settle for the easy or the obvious.. to keep searching for the alternative... to not freak out on the "ifs" but to focus on the possible.



you are loved. as each of us take a step into vulnerability it helps to know that there are others, like you, who are also stepping forward. one step at a time we overcome our fears, our trials, our weaknesses. one step at a time we grow into the people we are destined to become. and it's people like you, that help each of us to feel a little safer through the process.

you truly are beautiful.

and may i say, the fun is soon to begin. one day your 2 year old will be bathing in toilet water...


and it may not be that your story is particularly earth-shattering, but it is one that you were willing to share. one that so many feel a deep and personal kinship with. one that each of us are now celebrating.

ok, i'll stop posting comments now! ;-D



I didn't make the 65 comment cut off, but I suppose my wish for you would be: Beginning


Your are invited to ‘come out and play’…

Play date on my blog xx


My God, you are beautiful. In and Out. I'm so happy for you.

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