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December 03, 2009



Not sure if you would want to post overseas, if not, do count me out for the giveaway, but what has inspired me this week is the new Steiner playgroup I've started going to and the amazing women I've met there - I've been hoping and seeking to find a circle of women in real life who would share my values and outlooks, as I've found through blogging, and I believe (hope) I may have met them now - soulful, spiritual, inspiring lovely mamas. I have been very blessed.

Bella Wish

Julie, everyone is welcome to enter!


Julie, everyone is welcome to enter this giveaway!


mmm what has been inspiring me lately...
sexy curvy confident goddess women.
finding artists who have flawless yummy style.
the support of friends and family-inspires me to keep going. believe in myself.


I'm inspired by:
Amazing people and their creations that I find on the internet
The little kid perspective on the world I get from my nieces
Beautiful writing
Trying to explain/capture something wonderful to share
Walks along the ocean, lakes, endless water

What a great question!


I've been inspired lately by lots of time spent outside and with family & friends.


What a lovely giveaway and gesture. Currently, I am being inspired by snow, the magic of this time of year, and the people I converse with on Twitter.


I've been feeling incredibly inspired my litte girls, by random people saying kind things about my art, inspired by grey skies and hot tea, inspired by a very friendly community of online "makers", and of course the holidays leave me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside :)


I am inspired by this Christmas season itself. I love all the lights and colors this time of year brings.


Right now, today, I am inspired by myself. by the me I always am, but often forget to look for. That little tingle that happens when I'm believing in myself, instead of believing in other people that tell me I should believe in myself.

Actually, right now I'm just inspired in general.


Carol S

i am inspired by life itself.

just to breathe, experience and take in the world every single day is a blessing of paramount significance.

Letha Richardson

I am inspired by many other artists, as well as wings, nature, and faces. I am intrigued by the different styles of faces, and appreciate all that there is to see.

Martini Mom

I'm being inspired by two things these days: 1) job DISsatisfaction and 2)love.

A little on the first: my job is fine I guess, but I'm bored. I feel like it's time to do something different, something big, something true, something real. If only I knew what that something was...

And the second, the one that makes me smile just thinking of it: love. I've been a single mom for six years, and in a Seattle-to-Dallas long distance relationship for the past two years. In September, my love came home. He has moved in with my son and me, and it is magnificent, beautiful, and, yes, so very, very inspiring.


wings are inspiring me lately. wings to help me fly.


right now i am inspired by new beginnings...and the recent synchronicity encouraging me to let go, dream big, and trust. thank you for this offering and for sharing your exquisite artistry.

Michelle | When I Grow Up Coach

My new blogging project, Being part of a group of 4 ever-inspiring women with the mission to inspire others is, uh, inspiring!


I have my copy so keep me out of the give-away....I just wanted to say how much I love her book! And, my daughter loves to wear her taking flight pendant - you are amazing.


i've always been inspired by music but lately i haven't really been listening. do you know what i mean? i have it on more as background these days. but just about 2 weeks ago i bought the newest cd by "the swell season" called "strict joy" and popped it into the cd player in my car. i was overcome with emotion from the very first song....the lyrics are pure and amazing and the music blows me away. it hasn't been taken out of the player yet. i'm so glad i took the time to really listen again. the creative juices are once again flowing!


Recently, I've been inspired by late fall days, sparkles, rich color and ginger tea.

Lesley Denford

Inspiring me right now are vintage magazines, postage stamps, and Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Yum! :)


Unfortunately due to recent stresses, I haven't found myself to be inspired by much of anything, which is really depressing. :(


cold morning walks to see the sun rise-

Kerry Bogert

peppermint keeps me inspired these days :)

Tricia Alexander

Love Kelly Rae and would love her book!


I am inspired by shimmery colors...
my toes in the sand...
the loving eyes of the dog we're fostering...
being a parent and getting those off-to-school hugs each weekday morning...
the wonderful artists who share themselves over Twitter...
holding my husband's hand...
my treasure trove of art books...


What's inspiring me right now is tissue paper and buttons! And earl grey and chocolate! I'm getting together with some friends this weekend and we are making earl grey cookies with chocolate ganache filling and ornaments, including tissue paper wreaths! I'm so excited!


Just small things around me: vintage tea cup, a little white angel with red heart, candle lights, frosty window in the morning, gently scrub on the back from my man, fresh lemon smell ...


i have been inspired by my VERY soon to be 7 year old.
she is fearless and has a style all of her own and isn't afraid to use it!
she is what i like to call FUNK-TI-FIED!!!
her love for life is infectious and oh so inspiring!!!

Gretchen Schock-Skovron

breath is inspiring me right now.
taking the time to be aware of my breath is inspiring me to be calm and create in that space. Instead of hurrying through, finishing as fast as possible. Not worrying about the "turn around" time.

Sara Moriarty

Inspired by countless bloggers, my mom, my fluttering imagination, generosity, and gratitude.

Thanks for this awesome giveaway.



Right now I am inspired by a calligraphy class I am taking. It has me noticing writing and lettering and fonts everywhere in all forms of art work.
Karen Harris

Jennifer Macdonald

Lately I have been really inspired by my medical school classmates. Even when we are really busy with classwork and hospital time they still find time to serve the community through health screenings, educational outreach to high school students, and providing free health services to the uninsured. They are really unique people who inspire me to be a better person everyday.


How cool !
~lately, i've just been letting things flow while trying to keep my eyes open to the little things. i'm taking pictures everyday for darlene's december views, so... pretty much everyday life (the mundane, and not so mundane) has been inspiring.


I just wanna say that I really love the photo of Bella-boo reading the it! XOXO


I'm inspired by clients. Their trust alone pushes me to become better at what I do.


I am inspired by the vivid sunsets that have been lighting my sky on fire every evening.

The sound the trains make in the middle of the night... I actually LOVE it.

The cooler weather we are having FINALLY in AZ.

The imaginations my children have

My husband who always believes in everything I do

The feel of a cool breeze kissing my face...

I love this giveaway!!! Thanks so much!



listening to that inner voice that says - do this project & then taking steps to make it happen.
we must get together soon!


I'm inspired by so many things but mostly by authenticity and by women finding and expressing their own voice. That's so powerful and magical.


I am currently inspired by the sudden cold weather in Dallas to help out those that aren't as fortunate to be indoors where it's warm.


I have heard about Kelly Rae for awhile but it has only been recently that I've subscribed to her blog. I'd love to have a copy of her book!


I am inspired by change because with change comes growth . If there was no change there wouldn't be any butterflies.

Dorylyn Thomas

Lately, I have been inspired by prowling around vintage stores and those treasured filled flea markets. I found 2 so soft and colorful mexican blankets that reminded how beautiful colors can be blended.


today i've been inspired by fluffy handmade pom-poms.

giselle taminez

I am inspired by love, by my daughter's smile, and by sunny autumn afternoons.

jill s

my kids excitement about Christmas is inspiring me.

i love your blog.

and i would looooooove to get a copy of the book!



I'm continuously inspired by my generous husband (baking a chocolate cake as I type this!!) and my wonderful kids.


my beautiful young ballet students who work with such incredible grace and innocence and vigor and honesty. i learn more from them than they could ever know. they inspire me daily to dance (and live) with a full and bright heart.


As always, nature inspires me. But, lately, other artists have inspired me to do more than I do.


i am in a funk and long to be inspired.
i see the beauty but i can't "see" it.
i need to find a way out and maybe this is my path! thank you for your offerings!

Dana Barbieri

So exciting!!! Inspired by art, color, nature, life!

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