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So, remember when we were talking last week, and I said I'm not a cryer? I take it back. Tears flowing. Calling for them to come to the front of the line...oh.my.heart. xo


This is so beautiful! And what a gorgeous Shirly Temple movie. I didn't see that one, but it sounds beautiful.

I was sitting at a table last week with my little girls and it is so funny, but when they get into a conversation I swear I feel like they are speaking a different language. It is all english and I can understand every bit of it, but there is something else going on between the two of them that is just magic to watch.

Thank you for sharing, my heart was in need of some of this beautiful sacredness today.


I admit it...I'm crying as I type these words out...this is so beautiful, thank you so much for sharing.

That image of talking to your unborn children and calling them to the front of the line...

I wonder if I can call my unmet soul mate and my unborn child to the front of the line...

Thank you so much for your writing, this post is hope filled for me.


Stacy ... your words, these pictures ... pure beauty.

I can relate so very much to your story ... your loss at 13 weeks (mine was at 12 weeks) ... your deep sadness ... your finding out 3 months later you were pregnant with your beautiful Isabella. My story is so similar and my Sophia is 13 today ... the child who I called to the front of the line. And my Sydnie who came nearly 3 years later ... buckling in for the ride!!

Your words found me.

Thank you mama.
Beautiful, wise, radiant YOU.
thank YOU.


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