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I am so extremely busy right now but I am loving it!! I have my office job, but I do love working where I work, and then with my photography and crochet business and raising my girls, I feel like I am constantly going, but in a good way. I am doing what I love doing, and thus, showing my girls that even though it can be hard work at times, it's worth it and I am enjoying life. :)


Lovely photographs, I especially like the one with the hands in it.

I wish it was always a choice between the gray building with no windows and our work of choice, but it rarely is. We get to make a whole lot of little choices within those choices, but the choice between creative soul work and a viable necessary income, particularly for those of us who do not have a partner to rely upon for financial, emotional and/or parenting support, usually means creativity is forced to fit in around neccessity. It isn't always a bad thing, but it wouldn't be my first choice for my life.

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