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anna wingfield

Dear Stacy I love this post. Abundance is a many splendored thing and thanks for this reminder. I too remember a time after working as a teacher with my first son and feeling my heart breaking many times when I left him feeling I would not do that if I were to have more kids. When my current hubby and I met I said even if we live in a teepee if we have kids I need to be available for them - and now I am. THIS is the abundance and I love how you put it here. Thanks for brightening my day and making me remember dreams once committed to and now true.


Your guiding word this month has certainly been one I've tangoed with... in the way that I want to embrace it, but get caught up in what can feel mucky about too much... you know? I've learned I am an HSP and with that I can get overwhelmed by the thought of Abundance, so I try to go with Enough and that's been working for me on this one. I can feel the abundance in your presence and in your life, though and am so supportive of this mantra for you. Much love to you, dear one.


"I am truly starting to believe that our long held dreams are our birthrights and the only thing that keeps us from making them our reality, is ourselves."

I used to believe this, but I have lost my way somewhat and become buried in not enough money, too much fear, anxiety and sadness.

Abundance is a lovely word, and I wish you much for March.

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