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January 10, 2006


Linda Cavanaugh

Whoa there girl! Sounds like Godiva got your Irish up. Yes, you have some of the naughtly Irish blood in you!

Well look at the name, GO DIVA!!!

Anyway, there is a great Sunday Brunch here in town for $19 that includes fruit kabobs, you dip in a chocolate fondue yourself to satisfy your chocolate urges.

Perhaps not GODIVA but you won't feel F__CK_D afterward! HAHAHAHAHA



Whoa there DRAMA QUEEN! I can't believe you dedicated a whole blog page to this. Lame. And it doesn't look like she turned it around for you... by the way the floor tile/wood looks, the starwberries are facing a glass window. Did you take the pic thru a glass window? No, you took it off to the side, because she didn't turn it around for you. Or at least take better photos to prove your point. How do I know you were even there, Drama mama?


oh, sweet j.b. Thank you for taking the time to call me a liar on my blog. That was really sweet, much like an $8.00 strawberry. This post was meant to be sarcastic. I am, in fact, not a drama queen. This was meant to make people laugh, not to make them accusatory.

And just so you know she did turn the tray around for me, it was not taken through a glass window. Unfortunately my camera is not that good and would show the reflection had it been taken through glass. The wood floors you see are actually outside the store.

It seems to me you could use a hug.


I love it! You are so right.

melissa just said what everyone wants to say....I hate looking in this store. I can't believe their prices. I always return later thinking they have woken up an lowered prices...they haven't and I still haven't purchased anything from them!

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