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December 16, 2006



oh my friend...tears streaming, heart aching with you. i wish i could wrap my arms around you right now. hold you tight. give you what you need...whatever that is. i don't want to say too much. because i know words are not enough. just know my heart is with is with you and i feel you so close. i am here. here if you need to talk, cry, email, be silent with. i am here. even thru this...i feel your strength still. deep love to you and your husband during this time.


My Darling Daughter,

When I walked into the door last night, I knew something was wrong.

Daddy Warbucks, as Kevin likes to call Kenny, was buckled at the knees. I saw it in his eyes.

When I called you, I told you Kenny had erased Jimmy's message. I told him as I told you, WE are stronger then people give us credit for.

Broken yes, Brave yes, Life is a blessing and we need to live it.

Love you, Love you, Love you.

The reason I wrote on your blog was to say that people need to grieve, people need to say what's on their minds.



Oh sweet roomie....words simply aren't enough! As many others I'm sending your my warm feelings and virtual hugs. ~kat



I wish I could make things better for you. I wish I could take away this pain that you and Jimmy are experiencing.

I am here for you and Jimmy, whatever you need, whenever you need it.




I am so terribly sorry for your loss.


S & J,

What can I say that hasn't been said already? My heart is broken for you too, but you WILL overcome this. You are both strong and exceptional people with hearts of gold. You take as much time as you need and know that we will always be here for you no matter what. If you two need anything; call us.



Dear Stacie & Jimmy: I honestly have no words to express my thoughts in this situation. I want nothing more than to make it better, but sadly, I cannot. Take all the time that you need to try to recover this tragic loss -- I cannot begin to fathom how something like this feels. We are all here for you if you need ANYTHING. Our hearts cry with yours. Much love, Sue & Mike


Reading this has me in tears, as I knew it would. I had a feeling this is what I'd find here.
December 13th, 2002, this was my day. Except that it was my first ultrasound and Brandon was late. He didn't arrive until I was sitting out on the curb in a heap, since my not-so-caring doctor and staff didn't know what to do with me when they gave me the news. Thirteen weeks along, demised to nine and a half. Those numbers make me cry. And I'm just sitting here reliving it. The sucky Christmas. The broken dream. I wish I'd known you earlier, my love. I'm still chasing that baby. I'm so sorry for your loss and what you went through, babe. xo

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