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December 18, 2006



It's difficult to find things to make one smile during sad times.....but for me, other than my silly husband making me laugh with a made-up song or "underwear dance", very little can cheer me up when I am in that "dark place". ENJOY those things that distract you for those fleeting moments & as each day passes, I suspect you will find even more things to force a smile upon your face -- we all do in time. One sure thing for me now is looking at an old photo of PHOOCHIE -- she always makes me smile when I am down. :) Maybe I should send you a few.... XOXO love, SUE


I would love to see some favorite puppy photos. I have a few myself around here too. : ) Thanks for sharing. And.... um.... the underwear dance?


I'm like Sue, it IS very hard to find something to make me smile when I am so sad like that. I have a silly husband too, and he has been known to do a "dance" for me to make me smile.

Enjoy those things that make you smile and just go with your emotions, they know best in helping you heal. :)

My girls helped me the most and they were a good distraction for me.


When I reflect on different times of grief, I find that there was one song each time that said what I felt but couldn't put into words. These didn't make me smile as much as they made me feel like I was going to be okay -- like someone else understood what I was going through. The most recent are kd lang's "Hallelujah" -- that's the one I played the night I heard your news -- and there's one other which is on the first soundtrack for Grey's Anatomy and goes like this:

where do you go
with your broken heart in tow
what do you do
with the leftover you

What surprised me was that I have found a couple songs lately that capture my return to myself. Dashboard Confessional's "Hands Down" and (for the days my punk side comes out) "Welcome to the Black Parade" by My Chemical Romance. And I've been on a U2 kick lately, blasting "Everlasting Love" and "Vertigo" with all the windows down!


Thanks KB,

Music really resonates with me too. I haven't yet found a song that is helping me through this yet, but if you don't mind, I will borrow yours for now and think of them as a gift.


My darkest moments don't compare to this, but when I've had them I have found joy and laughter in my husband and of all things my Chihuahua Frosty who is a constant source of love and light for me in my darkest times. That little dog radiates joy and love like nothing I've ever experienced before and is a true gift and a blessing to me. But since I can't give you Frosty, Barefoot in the Park can always put a smile on my face even in the saddest of situations. I'm glad that even during these difficult times; you have managed to find some moments of joy.

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