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March 30, 2007



i really don't know hon but it seems to me that you know the answer already ~ i would say go with what your heart tells you regardless of anything else ...

my mom is an artist and she adopted the name katy for all her artwork, etc but for the rest of her life she goes by karen ... i use my maiden name for all my publications or any photography work that i do ...

you could adopt stacy for your art without changing everything ... i think that whatever you do decide will be a good decision for you ... sometimes you just have to go with your instinct and trust that is the right thing :)


It could just be that the act of letting of of the past - of how your name has been spelled previous to now - is the catalyst you need to embrace your artistic side. To explore this "unknown" place that you sound as if you are hungry for. As if, by changing your name, you are giving yourself permission to do so.

I really enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for sharing your journey with others.

Best of success!


Oh god I am shouting yes yes yes! Change it-it is worth it. You know why?

Because your gut is telling you to and......

your gut is ALWAYS right darling ALWAYS.

plus what she said about Y seems to be right too.

Love you-

and thanks for that spectacular make me cry and want to snuggle you email it made me feel so loved.


i think your heart knows. my suggestion is to sit in silence and ask which spelling your soul resonates with most. i don't think you're over thinking this. i think it's symbolic to you--maybe taking "stacy" back is part of reclaiming who you really are. i believe in whatever empowers you to feel stronger and more integrated in yourself!!
i know you will find your truth and support whatever that truth turns out to be!!


I like daisies answer, with using it for your artwork.

You've used "Stacie" for more than 1/2 your life now, so it IS a part of you, but you are also "Stacy" too.

So be both!

(You've always been "Stacy" to me though) :D


Ann Torrence

Stacee, Stacy, Stacie, Stacey, Staysie, Staizi, Ctaci,

"Y" not decide to change your spelling as often as others change their hair color? Or spell it like a computer geek: Stac*, the * standing for all possible permutations.

a rose is a rose is a rose...

Or... create a huge name-changie ceremony when you finish the Artist Way, reclaiming your true identity, and welcoming yourself to the next phase of your life. I love that part at a wedding when the officiant introduces the couple by their new married names.

No matter what you do, the worst possible thing is that you change your mind again later. The baby name site says Stacy descends from Anastasia, meaning resurrection in Greek. Arise from the flames like a phoenix and fly high, again and again.

I wish you success on your artist's way. AT


A huge thanks to everyone for their amazing insight and great suggestions.

daisies: The suggestion of adopting stacy just for my art and is a wonderful way to incorporate it without having to change all my daily life documents! I believe this is what I am going to do. You are so wise my friend.

lala: I definltey agree that the spelling change is a catalyst which allows me to give myself permission to create. You have no idea how right on you are about this. SO happy you are here! Thanks for sharing your wonderful insight.

Thea: I love you and hear you. I am following my gut. Thanks for the reminder... xoxo

nicole: Thanks for you sweet words and letting me know I am not overthinking this and to follow my heart. It is symbolic more than anything and I realize that.

Tina: You met me when I was stacy! ; ) Thanks for helping to see that I can be both and it doesn't have to be so black and white.

Ann: Wow! Thanks for the history of stacy! I love the visual of the phoenix rising from the flames and the history of Anastasia. I visited your blog and am in awe of what you are doing. Thanks SO much for letting me know you were here.

I am filled with gratitude for you kindness and support. XOXO!!!


"Y" not go back with the "Y"?? Perhaps this one seemingly tiny thing is disrupting your "chi"?? HA ha! Although, don't fret if I still write your name with an "IE" -- it may take some getting used to for those of us that have had the pleasure of knowing you for many decades! XOXO

la vie en rose

if you think you know the answer then you know the answer...


ooooh. it sounds to me like your "y" takes you back to that younger, more innocent time. but whatever you decide; your work, your words, your thoughts are so beautiful.

love love love


I'm getting in on this late, but I have to say that I think it's very timely! I just sent you a note via post and adddressed it "Stacy" just in case you were still leaning in that direction. I think you should follow your instincts on this one. As you very wisely told me once, intuition is rarely wrong!

Love you!!


I don't think that this is crazy at all. It is so simple, yet quite powerful, and if it has stayed in your conscious that strongly for this many weeks now, it sounds to me like it might just be the right thing to do. I guess I view it as returning to your authentic self. By returning the spelling to the original "Y" you will be removing the layers that you have built up and get back to being you.


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