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May 13, 2007



your mom truly sounds inspirational. the kind of woman i hope to one day be like.
you are very lucky....
that poem of hers is lovely.


Your mother is beautiful in this photo.How wonderful to have such an inspiration throughout each step of your life-you are so blessed. How cute your hair seems to blend with hers.


*oh* how i love this photo! that beautiful young woman wouldn't look out of place today standing outside Topshop in London's Oxford Circus :-)

beautiful post - your mama sounds like such an inspiration. i'd love to have tea with her one day :-D xo


Gorgeous tribute to your incredible Mom. She sounds like SUCH an inspiration, and I am so happy to know that she is living an enjoyable fulfilling life doing what she longs to do.

You, my dear are amazing as well. And when your time comes, you will be an equally amazing mama.

Lots of love,


What an adorable photo of you guys!!!

I bought "Mom's" book when it first came out & gave it to MY mom in hopes of inspiring her to do something similar (she used to write poetry in her youth, as well) dice, but it was a cute book and I did want to support the cause! :)

You & "Momma Bear" look so cute & hip -- I just love this photo & I am glad you posted it for us all to see!! Give your mom my best! XOXO


i adore this photo ~ your mom is so beautiful and you are so adorable :)

your mom sounds, in some ways, so much like mine as they both followed their hearts and spend time and courage creating (my mom is also a full time artist though it is my grandma who is the poet).

I am glad you are following in your momma's footsteps, carving out your dreams and someday you will be some lucky girl or boy's inspiration.

I will definitely be buying a copy of your beautiful mom's book of poetry before this month ends ~ I can't wait to read through her poetry :) (cause you know how much i heart poetry :)

sending you love sweetpea ... xoxox

Dreamer Girl

That photo of you two is amazing. So cute!

Thanks for sharing this story of love and live. It put a smile on my face and warmed my heart.



this tribute to your Mom is sooo
beautiful - it just filled me up reading it:)
She is so gorgeous and serene and wonderful in
that photo and you look just like her with your
sweet little face!
Reminded me of my grandmother who made me a
coat exactly like yours and all my outfits when
I was little.

I would love a book of her poetry.
My e-mail is...


boho girl

oh my...i so want that peacoat.

you are the cutest thing in the world. i want to take you in my arms and kiss your yummy cheeks. good thing i get to do that to you now, though...

your mom is so absolutely fresh and lovely. a granola chickie with style. yum.

xoxox love u.


how cute is this? you are blessed to have such a wonderful, interesting and strong mother like you have. and your tribute to her is lovely indeed. thanks for sharing. and yes that pea coat is to die for!


I remember the donut shop!!! How fun was that when we got to help sometimes?!

Your mom definitely made an impact in my life as well. I am very open with my girls in how I talk to them, and your mom played a pivotal role in the fact that I do that.

I will definitely be ordering that book of poems, I can't wait to read them!

What a beautiful picture of the two of you!!


this is one of the most beautiful photos i have ever seen....


i am having lots of fun exploring this blog!


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