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May 11, 2007



Aw. It seems the universe gives us just what we need, just when we need it.


wow... I read your entry as if it were myself writing it. wow. but not exactly admitting it to anyone just yet, just secretly sabotaging.

It's amazing when those little things happen to remind us and put us back on track. :) Living angels...

I'm raising my coffee mug to you. Here's to you! You awesome amazing creative inspirational woman you!


isn't it funny how we beat ourselves up for beating ourselves up? I know this too well. But just remember that that isn't who you truly are, my are a fabulous shining star and the world needs your light. keep breathing...I'm with you trying to do the same!


Oh goodness honey, tears in my eyes. So, you are doing this to yourself too? Good grief, how do we dig ourselves out this hole? I wish I knew; I wish I had some magic answers. I woke Cean up at 2:00 am last night (this morning) crying in bed...over, well, everything. Nothing seems right; I don't seem right; I can't get it all.

Not making this about me; I am just telling you that not only do I understand; I am right there with you.

I think that part of the problem is that life is speeding by around us. It tests us and tempts us and when we are the tiniest bit weakened, it jumps up on us and it all builds, exactly like it is now.

We know who we are, and we know that we are good woman who have a lot of offer. YOU are an amazing do know that, yes? I am reminding you...AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, CREATIVE, LOVING, are all of that and more.

Let's work on believing ourselves and in ourselves. Holding your hand from afar and sending you lots of love and hugs.



It's called Serendipity!


oh how i understand what you are feeling and can identify with every word you wrote. it's so hard to step out of our comfort zones...even though it's not such a comfortable feeling knowing you were meant to be doing something else. i think you having this blog, reaching so many have an amazing spirit and i know everything you want will come into fruition...
sending you lots of love.


sweetheart ~ you are fabulous and wonderful and everytime I come here and read little pieces of you, you touch my life. when i make the soup recipes you sent, you touch my life and my family's life in oh so healthy ways, when i think of how brave and beautiful you are, you touch my life and so many people's lives.

i understand because i am constantly sabotaging myself, filling the spaces in between with self doubt as I stop and start my plans for my dreams but maybe all of us who are in this space can lift each other up and collectively move forward.

i know with every ounce of my being that your dreams are beautiful and your talent knows no bounds ~ sending you much love, xoxox


Oh love - it is normal to have these feelings. Or at least it is normal to me. LOL.

It will shift-

I had a chakra clearing-or unboxing-twice actually. And both times the healer saw a box around my second chakra-the one related to babies, emotions and creativity. I think I built a wall around it, and scaling that wall felt and can still feel scary at times.

You can do it.

Just take a small creative step-and then another-it will start to flow.

Love and kisses

boho girl

everyone here said all i wanted to say and more. i won't be repetative but what i will say is that you are and forever will be a superstar, no matter what you do.

i loved the movie Dinosaur! i have to watch it again now just to see your name. that's so fricken cool. seriously.

i love you and hope that you are lighting candles and being gentle with you tonight.

do me a favor and kiss your full yummy lips on the bathroom mirror and pretend it's me. ; )

xoxox and if you need to laugh...just remember what i did this weekend. hee hee.

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