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May 17, 2007



So much goodness going on this week honey! I love this line: "...I am the creative director in charge of making that happen." It seems you are seizing many moments, and makes me so happy to hear.

I love your post-it-note color system. I, like you, can not use the electronic organizers. I have one of those geeky Treo phones and I hate it. I was sure I would use it seeing as how I like to be organized, but I just can't do it that way. Writing it down somehow cements it better.

You sound content...hurrah.

Lots of love,


i love that you are a list maker too!!! and i so understand having to write them, and re-write them, doodling all over everything:) i am so thrilled to read you are working on a book proposal and other projects...
my number one is making at least one pair of undies for sweetcheeks!
lots and lots of love.
you sound really good. a


When I came home from Santa Fe I posted signs around my house so that I would remember how amazing that vacation made me feel -- how amazing it feels to be who I am. The first one I wrote says "you are more than your job" -- I posted that in my bathroom so it's the first and last thing I see each day. There's one posted on my front door-- it's the last thing I see before I leave the house-- and it says "what are you waiting for?" I love that one. I need that one. That one kicks me in the pants.

Today was my last day at work. I cleaned out my office. I took my nameplate off the door. I wheeled a cart full of my things over to my new office and I laughed the whole way there and the whole way home. I have been inching towards this for a year -- inching and scootching my way to the life I want, slowly shedding, slowly changing, slowly releasing, slowly (so slowly!) accepting and opening and reaching and believing. And as it all unfolds, and continues to do so, I know that the happiness and freedom and optimism I feel isn't entirely about this new job (though I'm awfully excited about that), it's about believing that I can -- and am -- building the life I want. I'm so SO grateful you're part of this journey for me, and that I'm part of it for you. xoxoxox


yup, i have a palm pilot gathering dust in a drawer somewhere ~ i prefer my big paper agenda filled with protruding colour post-its, markers in colour and doodles of thoughts jam packed journals of lists ... visual too :)

you are getting so much done living in the busy air of your creativity, your life, you and that is wonderful :)

i have a hand full of number ones right now but mostly i want to enjoy the long weekend, see some friends, breath deep, take some photos, write some words, plant some seeds and paint me a kitchen ... um ... ;)

your words sound so beautifully positive and joyous as you create the life you want and i understand so very much ... sending you much love, xoxox


angel, you are a girl after my own heart. i have lists that must be procreating with each other as there are baby lists appearing in the flat these days. so much to do!

number one on my list is 'finish the website' which involves me writing the copy today and making a few decisions...

keep dreaming and snuggling (and taking pictures!)- they are the real food for the soul :-) xxo

Dreamer Girl

I loved readin this post, as I organize my lists in the same way. I love bright colored post-its!

My number one item on my to-do list is to find a spot in this earth where I want to root.

wish studio

i love this post, as i am a total list girl myself! and i love that you are all about creating your ideal life - what better way to start than on a pink post-it!


love this photo--your post-its look like a row of prayer flags. which i guess is very appropriate, eh? all those things on our lists are like little prayers for ourselves--things we want to make happen in our lives. what's number one on my list right now? To keep practicing to speak my truth. Then there's the laundy and mopping the floors, but I can always get to those later...hee hee.


that post-it-note is wonderful!
i am going to make one and decorate it for
my magnet board - thankyou for the

I want to paint my house persian blue.
(except for my study which I would like to
be Pomegranite)



Creating the life you want- then you truly live and experience your authentic self instead of letting life pass by. Thank you for the reminder. I too need this daily affirmation.



Post-It notes rock!!! I, too, would die without them. :) There are always too many things to do & so little time (or funds) to get them all done, that's for sure. I love that you color-code your categories....maybe I need to try that, too. XOXO


I am the queen of Post-It Notes at work! :) I love them!

I am a list person myself. It definitely helps me in getting things done. :)


I love this post! It speaks to where I am in my creative pursuits right now. I think your idea about post it notes is fantastic.

I am very disorganized, unfortunately, and I have been reading a lot of creative blogs lately for inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

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