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July 22, 2007



I love all the photos! Thank you for sharing so marvelously. And thank you for the update on Miranda's party - the food looks amazing and it's inspiring to hear (well, read) you so happy! Hooray!


Yes, she is adorable in pink. What good times for wonderful people. And happy to hear that business (creative business-Yay!) is going well. Cannot wait for the update.


love the photos, and am so glad to hear that you're actually getting in to the catering business. it's so inspiring. also? i adore your new brown shoes. i must ask where they came from....


I love your new shoes, so so cute. I love having out of town guests - visiting places that aren't your norm. Your photos are so fun!


My shoes are from el naturalista. If you read Denise's blog (boho girl) she talks about them from time to time... they are an amazing company, check out their website.


your friend dawn is adorable.
(loving her pink hat)

glad you girls had fun. :)

can't wait to hear about your new business!!

(maybe when you come visit me, wink wink, nudge nudge)

loving you,

boho girl two are magical when your friends come visit. you do so many amazing things!!! are tempting me to have a weekend getaway and the Schmoopies. only if you would have me, that is...


and your catering job looks GORGEOUS. my goodness woman, you are elle professional to the nines. just delicious...



THERE you ARE!!! And OMG, I am soooo freaking hungry now! xoxoxo


The food looks wonderful!! So happy you are enjoying the creation of it all & I very much look forward to my sister's bridal shower because I cannot wait to see what else you come up with!


WOW!!!! Ok, you are just the coolest eeevvaaaaa! i love the photos and your food looks just DIVINE and is making me huunnnggry over here!! yaaay for you guys having friends visiting and so much fun. how did you do that cool picture thing too?


sounds like all kinds of fun! can't wait to hear more...congrats too on your blooming business! looks so yummy. (check out *ladies who launch* - a great creative entrepeneurial resource) xo, mindy

amanda lammon

wow! your food looks amazing...

i love the pictures of you at dinner, you look beautiful!

what an amazing time you showed her!



Congrats on your catering gig! It all looks wonderful!

Can't wait to hear about your new creative business!!

What a wonderful week you had!


where to even start ... you and your friend are so super cute and so happy you had such a beautiful time together ... the photos tell a glorious story full of so much excitement and fun!! the catering food, oh my gosh ~ i wish i could reach into the screen and nibble ;-)

i was clapping my hands and sqeeeee'ing at the beauty of your photos and wanting to reach through and squeeze you tight ... you sound so beautifully happy and calm, yes ~ so good!! smooches!!

Kirsten Michelle

i just love all the beautiful photos...they make me want to run away and spend a weekend in your company...
looking forward to hearing all about your creative business endeavour, congratulations!!!

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