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July 05, 2007



So fun! I remember my first "Walk of Stars" and the excitement of seeing a Movie Star! And you saw 12 - YAY!
Cheers to you, your friend, and your golf-cart dream coming true.


What a splendid day!

Did you get any craft services - i LOVE craft

Love your photo of the fireworks - joy joy joy!


I remember when we met - I remember thinking there was no way you would take the job -- that you were WAY too amazing for the job (and that the job was WAY too mundane for you) so I felt it was an amazing stroke of luck for me that you took it and that you stuck around as long as you did because it gave our friendship time to.. well, to become. And I will be ever grateful to the universe for that. Thanks for the shout-out Stacie, and for a million more things, not the least of which is being someone who will come to the office and laugh out loud with me as we drive around in a golf cart! Here's to all the marvelous things to come. xoxoxoxox kb


how very wonderful : ) it sounds like an utterly fantastic day with a wonderful friend!! and i'm thinking that you have a lot of amazing hipness of your own ... wow, it really does sound like super fun to drive around in a golf cart, just like in the movies, heh heh ...


and can i say that photo is amazing ~ and wow no tripod ... super beautiful!! xoxox


Sounds like you had a marvelous time! I wish you a marvelous weekend too!



what a fun day! i'm a behind the scenes type of gal too...i like credit, just not all of the attention.


i love this story! it reminds me of my little dream of working for disney, i wanted to be all behind the scenes, but also i wanted to be a performer too....funny little dreams, i'm so glad you got to do this! oh and i would have been reaaalllyyy excited to see George Clooney in person too! aawww yeah! ;)


I agree w/Dar...I do not doubt for one second that you are hip! *wink*

This sounds like so much fun honey! Thank you for taking us along on the ride. :-)

lots of love.xoxo


I love this dream, especially since it came true for you! Have a wonderful weekend

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