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July 26, 2007


boho girl

i have chills!

it completely slipped my mind that the psychic said this to you. OMG...this is beautiful and WILD.

what beautiful biz cards...prrrrfect.

i cannot contain my excitement for you. it all just fits so beautifully.

Cover & Sage...*sigh*. Love this honey.



I'm with denise, I have chills!

Gosh this is so inspiring...don't know what to write here, I'm just so excited for you!!



Your business cards are beautiful! I love the graphics and especially the name.

I think that big decisions in life are like this. The universe tests us so that we can be certain of our dreams. I believe this is why your dream corporate job was offered at this time, I believe it's why everything has flowed smoothly for Clover and Sage, once you made that decision. When you had one foot in each world, the universe was screaming and when your feet planted gently yet firmly into your new endeavor the universe sighed relief.

Congratulations!! This is such an exciting time for you and I can't wait to read about where your journey takes you.

PS. 11 is my favorite number too.


How wonderful that you have found (and embraced) your calling! Run wild with it and enjoy the ride. Cheers!

Kirsten Michelle

i loved waking up to your amazing post this morning. i simply couldn't be happier for you.
i love...
the name,
the look,
the feel of this wonderfully organic business.
may opportunities continue to blossom...may angels continue to walk beside you...may all the blessing you deserve filll your heart during your 39th year.
congratulations ;-)


congratulations sweetie! *love* the name - so perfect, and i know you're going to be such a success... and it's true isn't, how the chaos ends when we finally make the right decision, the one the universe has been egging us on to do.. :-)


I LOVE, LOVE the name!!! It just....fits, you know?

And your business cards are beautiful, of which I knew they would be! :)

Congratulations on your new business, as I know it will be fabulous!!

You know, I must have one of those cards though. :)

Oh, and I think you have one of my mini-muffin pans.


Excellent! So happy for you, and so honored to have been among your first clients.

She is amazing, folks!


This has me beaming from ear to ear -
and your name of your adventure
"clover and sage" is so lovely -
evokes such an organic, green, and
FRESH healthful soulful journey into
new beginnings:)

I also see you writing in a cabin in the
woods that you bought from your business



that is absolutely beautiful...I cannot begin to express to you how happy I am that you found something that makes you happy from the top of your head to your tippie toes! you have an incredible attitude, one to be emulated. more blissful days to you my blog friend!


I'm so wonderfully happy for you!
To be able to make a living out of your creativity, what a blessing for you, and a gift to us...
Clover & Sage, what a beautiful way to carry your babies' love and share them with the world


Congratulations, Stacey! I can't imagine what fun, hard work but fun, it would be to have such a creative job, working with something you love so much. Good luck and know that the universe is pulling for you!


i love it. everything about it. the name, the psychic, your passion for it. everything. congratulations. you're an inspiration.


my heart is overflowing for you. and tears are for sure streaming. i love how all of this has come together so beautifully. the names, the cards, the reason behind it all...i am bursting with excitement for you.


i too have chills ... i had chills when you told me about clover & sage and seeing your beautiful cards make my heart smile.

i want to run out and see a psychic now ~ wow ... so good you are taking the light and wonder and running with it :)

i love the two thing given i was born in the 11th month on the 22nd day, tee hee ...

lots of love honey and i know i don't need a psychic to tell me how incredibly successful you are going to be. you already are in your heart and this fills me with such joy .. xoxoxox


I don't really know what else I can add after reading the post & all the wonderful comments except for: "I TOLD YOU SO!"....ha ha ha! But, in all seriousness, you know I am thrilled that this is happening for you! It has been a long time a-coming, my dear. I very much look forward to you catering my sister's bridal shower next month & tasting all the new & fab creations that I know you will bring to the table...literally.

I once told you that all things happen for a reason & while some of those things seem so dreadful at the time, they often lead to greater happiness & greater gains if one can be patient....those happy moments & gains do not always reveal themselves so soon, but when they do, BOY, are they worth it!

I could not be happier about all of this & when you & Jimmy open your bistro, I hope to be on the guest list for opening night!!

I will continue to cheer for you & call you with shopping tips for cute items that I think will flatter your food creations. I am honored I got to be a tiny part of the kick-off to something as wonderful as I know CLOVER & SAGE will become. Oh, and please send me some of those hip biz cards! They are adorable!! (Just one question: "Y" or "IE"????) XOXOXOX


I love the name for your business- a loving, beautiful meaning. I certainly see all that it represents guiding your bountiful business. Congratulations- your words are filled with love and mostly inspiration. love to you.


My heart is both beating and beaming with delight for you honey! You are amazing, and your difficult decisions are indeed leading you down the path you should be on...I am so so happy that you are taking this leap of faith and doing what your heart and soul are telling you is right and good. Because this comes from your heart and soul, I also believe that it will continue to manifest in only the best ways.

A HUGE congratulations to you...

And...beautiful name, for so many reasons...the souls of your beautiful little ones are shining down on you right now and always.

Love to you.xoxoxox


dancing and clapping and dancing some more

Oh sweetness this is sao exciting. I can't stop balling my fists and flailing them wildly while shaking my booty.

All of it seems so perfect. The name-the psychic-the card-the job-the friendships-oh I want to reread this lovely post over and over.

I don't feel eloquent but I understand my love-all of it-the inspiration-the guidance-the excitement.

Love you


you know, i have some tears in my eyes for made me cry!!! lol! what i mean is, that you are inspiring and i'm so happy for you to have this great adventure - i dream similar dreams...i so admire that you went with your heart and did not take the desk job - even though you love that industry, you are more concerned with your heart/home/life/love/family and that's fabulous. well i wish one day you could make some lovely yummies at a wedding that i will one day have on a halloween night - well, one dreams of things, right? i'm tryin to find my way to being self employed again too, cuz my heart is not in the rat race/ladder climbing/hour each way commute corporate stuff. my heart/mind/soul is at & about home, being creative...hhhhhmm. can i meet your psychic please??? that's what i need, my fairy godmother to give me some direction. i've been praying for that.

well, happy for you schmoops!!


I don't know if I've ever been to your blog before, but reading this, I was so happy and pleased for you!!

congrats on such a wonderful dream come to fruition. very inspiring.



wow. I read 2 or 3 of your friend regularly, and I hear them speak of you so highly. I've never clicked here before, but I did today, and I'm still reading. You are an incredible writer! I feel like I want to come with you while you follow your dream. to watch, to learn. How inspiring that you are doing this.

I told myself and my husband after our 3rd loss that I wanted to have a goodbye ceremony for our angels, but we never did. couldn't. Maybe it's because we are supposed to honor them, not say goodbye. You've made me think...


I found you via Denise and McCabe....

I am excited for you in your new venture. You radiate a joy and a groundedness that is attractive to others, and your business will be hugely successful.

I too have turned down the big paycheck and corporate america shackles.. and I am so delighted that I did. It gives the Angels so much more moving room to bless our lives!

Oh, and I love your business cards.... awesome!

I'll be around.

Kung Foodie Kat

this is so awesome...congrats! you go girl!

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XXCASG Yeah, now it's clear !... And firstly I did not understand very much where there was the link with the title itself !!....

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