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July 08, 2007



Sounds yummy - both the food and watching the one you love creating in the kitchen!


Delicious. What a wonderfully talented husband you have...although, truth be told, I am quite positive that you are just as amazing. BUT, the most important thing here is the fact that J adores creating magical meals for you the both of you so much. I just love that. You two sound amazing together!

Happy Sunday and lots of love.xoxoxo


oh this looks positively yummers ~ i am just off to cook up brunch and inspired am i : )

have a wonderful sunday ... xoxoxox


hmmmmmm - that looks gorgeous and
delicious - i am going to try and re-create this
little culinary wonder:)


Sounds absolutely delish and it looks even better.


I know from experience that you are a lucky girl! My husband is quite the chef - YUM! Unfortunately, we also experience the OTHER problem. He is inspired by a recipe, he does not follow it, and so we often have a great meal that we will never have again.
My daughter often reminds us to "write it down!" (Yes, I do the same thing-blah), but doesn't always work.
Bon Appetit!


Have you seen the movie "The Last Holiday" with Queen Latifah? I truly believe you would benefit from it with laughter and inspiration.


came here from darlene's and am a foodie myself...this sparked so many ideas and inspirations and droolfests that i cannot describe. thank you.

i love the sumptious way you write...


how wonderful to have such an inspired man in the kitchen! lucky girl :) looks fabulous!


mmmm i love it when guys cook - and really well! i am visualizing the next man in my life cooking for me...otherwise, he might starve! hahaha!


The way you decribe this meal is deliscious!
So much culinary talent in you both. Most inspiring.


this is your husband????

girl, you got it GOOD.

i am totally inspired~~!!!



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