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July 02, 2007



happy happy happy day to a very beautiful you.

i love this post. i am going to join you in this gratitude journal about me for the next thirty days...

i wish you a day filled with so much laughter, wine, your sweet hubby, all your friends, and a million stars to make magic wishes on.

lots of LoVe.

boho girl

happy birthday schmoopy love.

you are 39 years of DELICIOUSNESS.

lets celebrate together soon, k?

i love you and am so grateful for you in my life. you are such a wonderful friend.

i love your friend's idea of hushing the our inner KFUCT radio stations. she rocks.

attitude of gratitude (hee hee),
love deni


Happy Birthday beautiful-wise one.

I loved all the yumminess in this post.


So grateful:)


Happy Birthday~

I am definitley celebrating you and all your beautiful thoughts on this wonderful day. I hope you have a FUN day filled with fits of giggles :).

love to you~


happy birthday beautiful you!!

i adored this post and so much of it resonated with me on oh so many levels. i am going to try this gratitude journal (eep!!) and will start tomorrow morning. : ) because I am wonderful in that I love to try new challenges (that wasn't so hard and made me smile ~ 20 a day could just fill me with joy)

talk soon : ) xoxox

boho girl

oh...and did i mention that you're GORGEOUS?


i could definitely write 20 yummy things about you for 30 days. easy shmeezy schmoopy. ; )


Happy Birthday to you!!!!!

You know, I have that book on my bedside table. I stopped reading it a while ago (don't know why i did that). Tonight I will read in it again, in honour of your b-day. This post has inspired me, and I'm thinking about joining you on that 30-day challenge.

Have a wonderful fabulous birthday!

With love and hugs,

xoxo Silvia


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you have fantastic day today!!!

Welcome to the 39 club. :)

many hugs to you!!


Hmmm... something positive about myself... oooh! I know! I think you are GORGEOUS so I have good taste, yes?
Happy B-day! (I'll be 39 this year, also - very exciting.)


How surprised - and yet not - I am that on YOUR birthday you give the rest of us a gift - the gift of the gratitude journal. I started mine tonight and let me tell you - I was surprised at the results.

The first thing I'm grateful for? The shape of my toes.
Writing three things I'm grateful for - no problem.
Writing six things - ooookkkay -- I eeked those out.
Got eight done before I was stuck.
And this was the FIRST DAY!

I suspect the next 30 days will prove both challenging and rewarding. What a marvelous gift. Thank you Stacie. xoxo


Happy Birthday. I loved this post because it addresses that voice (how cool to call it KFUCT!!) that's been dominating my brain lately. I've also been non-inspired to write in my journal so this 30 day task comes a the most perfect time. Thank you for this gift.


Just wanted to give credit for KFUCT to the brilliant writer Anne Lamott. It's from her book Operating Instructions which fundamentally changed my life. I'm so grateful for all the ways she put words to her fears and feelings because I realized for the first time that I wasn't the only one with KFUCT playing in my mind, and more importantly, that I could change the station. Thank you Anne Lamott.

Kirsten Michelle

sending birthday wishes for a wonderful day and an extraordinary year!
you are such a beautiful and inspiring gift to us all :-)


Happy 39th, my dear!!! I won't remain in Tina's Club 39 for much longer myself....but welcome, nonetheless! I hope you & Jimmy had wonderful b-days this year may you both have many more in the future! XOXO -- much love, Club President for the big 4-Oh.


Happy ever so slightly belated 39th! I'm about to hit that number myself (in August), and I look forward to seeing what you think of that age. I may try the 30 day challenge with you as well. Starting with...I'm able to face major adversity and quickly regain my sense of self afterwards.'ll be tough to think of many more, but I suppose that's the challenge, yes?

Oh, and I got here from Maddie's beautiful blog. :-)


Oh honey, HAPPY BIRTHDAY with so much love.

I cried reading this post...well gosh, I can't even begin to say it all here. Last week was my birthday and I am currently going through...well, crap...lots and lots of crap. Just last night I was explaining to Cean how I am my own worst critic and how I have been really horrific to myself lately...the worst. So, you can understand why this completely resonates with me. I wish I could reach through the computer screen and hug you...both with extremely warm birthday wishes and with a huge "thank you." So many times, especially when I have been on a so-called "blog breaks" when I come here and read your words I swear you are speaking directly to my soul.

I wish you every happiness in the world. I truly hope that you share what this challenge/journey is like for you.

My "good comment" about myself, and the one thing that I did declare last night is that I know that I am a good and kind person...I try.

And 39???? You are fabulous and gorgeous and everything delicious.

Sending you lots of love.xoxoxoxoxoxo


Happy Birthday! Thanks to the beautiful boho I have lurked often, but never commented in this lovely space. However...I couldn't resist your challenge, KFUCT gets far too much play in the little space between my ears.

my positive thought (#1 on the list?), I give love freely.


Happy Birthday! Thanks to the beautiful boho I have lurked often, but never commented in this lovely space. However...I couldn't resist your challenge, KFUCT gets far too much play in the little space between my ears.

my positive thought (#1 on the list?), I give love freely.


Sorry I missed your birthday! I hope it was a happy one. :)


HAPPY BDAY GIRL!! Hope it was a good one! I love this poem so much--I give it to my girlfriends on their birthdays to remind them of how special they are. It is so honoring of the feminine. The book is amazing too. Here's to 39! You wear it well my dear, you are young, vibrant, and a joy to know on the big blogosphere of life.


39?? Typo!! Dont you mean 29? Hell, lookatcha! xo xo Monika


happy birthday you sweet sexy thang!!!
be your own best friend.
love. wow.


(the world whispers to you today)


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