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July 26, 2007



I normally don't post, but my gosh, your eyes are so beautifully green in that picture! WOW!
Love you!


Thanks for the tag :) I have to think about it for a while, so I'll post it later today.

What a beautiful picture by the way! xOx


Ok can I please spend a weekend with you?

I just want to soak in all your yumminess in person.

So loving you


I would love to do this -
my nickname is duckie too!
My Dad calls me duck.


It may take me a bit of time
to think up some things.
I am a bit boring... LOL

Kirsten Michelle

i'm so glad you procrastintated long enough to play along...i just loved reading these little tidbits about you while delightfully procrastinating my way through a second cup of coffee ;-)
oh, and the photo...
the photo is GORGEOUS!


you and cayden have that singing and dancing when you drink thing in common. it's one of my favorite qualities in a friend...almost a requirement.
love this post dearie!
kisses and hugs...


Thanks for the tag. I'll take a stab at it this weekend, but I don't think I know eight people with blogs.


Fun! I am in like gin! Sapphire Gin, of course!


Thanks for sharing! I love getting to know you. I found you through Boho girl's site. Things seem to be going beautifully for you!


Well, I've posted 8 facts about me :)


tee hee ... when i drink i too want to sing and dance and snap photographs, lol and i think i may have reverse anorexia as well as i have the same symptoms, tee hee and you already know i excel at procrastination ;-) because here i am when i have stuff to finish before i leave this city in a couple of hours ...

smooches sweetie xoxoxo

and the panic attacks ~ i too have had them and know that feeling oh too well ~ course i just may be crazy ;-)

lots of love


McCabe tagged me as well, and guess what... I have procrastinated...
But no more! I will take your example and get to work - not on the housework that's waiting, or all the other yuck, but on my list.
Thanks for the inspiration, and I promise NO FERRIS WHEELS EVER!


All these fun facts just reminded me of why you are SOOO fun to be around!!! :) (for real - no joke!) Of course, I still don't get the vacuum thing......but, then again, it's the dreaded MOP I avoid most. Love clean floors, hate to mop them! Thank GOD for the Swiffer, that's all I gotta say.
Oh, and great photo of you, BTW!!!! XOXO


you are so flippin adorable!!!!

so happy i am going to be graced with your presnece SOON.

:) :) :)


ps i get anxiety/panic attacks too. not lately, but i used too and it is AWFUL. i have so much compassion for anyone dealing with this.


I did it! How fun! Thanks for including me, it made me feel good!!!!
Come see my list! :)


I am just recently suffering from panic attacks...may I ask how you
got to a better place.

I tried to click on your email, but it did not work for me.

p.s. I just found your site through BOHO, and I really dig it...
there are good vibes coming from it!

thank you!


I guess we got to be around you when you drink martinis :), I am sure it will be an amazing sight :)

boho girl

gorgeous portrait of you!

i love hearing these bits about you. you're so adorable.

i totally have reverse anorexia too. i so think i am thinner than i am. how funny!!

i promise to never take you on a ferris wheel.

love you...and i'll never call you Duckie. you don't look like a Duckie, just a Schmoopy.



You look so pretty in this photo here. I'm so not a fan of ferris wheels and the panic attacks...I've been a sufferer off and on, especially in the past year and they suck. If you saw my office space, you'd find another procrastinator in action. (=


Still chuckling about "reverse anorexia". I so TOTALLY suffer from that!


I didn't know where else to respond so this is my 2nd comment on this post just to say thanks for stopping by today! : )

kelly rae roberts

i'm right there with you on 1,2,and 7!!! and i love this photo! and i don't think you're crazy. my anxiety has me sometimes thinking i'm crazy too. aren't we all?


Well, first off, you look divine in that photo...very cute hat honey. These are great tidbits, and the story of the have such a good heart and look at what became of you doing the kind thing. :-) Thank you also for sharing that you have overcome battles of your own in the past, because you are right...not crazy, just human. And to be human is a gift indeed.


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