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August 02, 2007



My husband showed me that video last night and I immediately thought of 13 Going on 30 and then wished I could do the dance. How cool that you can dance it too, makes me want to go practice. (=

I hope your foot is ok - glass sticks really hurt! I had a day like that recently - as I opened a bottle of seltzer in the car and it shot out over my entire lap making me look like I'd wet myself, I laughed like a crazed lady and it broke the mood.


I have Hello Kitty band aids if you need one for your foot :)
I am laughing so hard at that dogs are looking at me like I am nuts! Thanks for sharing and have a fantabulous weekend!


Girlfriends are brilliant -
I am going out with two lovely friends
tonight to the beach - with my camera
and my flip flops.

It is lovely how bad tides bringing in
fresh shells and pretty green seaweed:)



OMG, THAT WAS BRILLIANT! Schmoops... I gotta steal that. (I'm sorry) That is just too good and I need to share. wow. I think that I am fully awake now. wow.


First off, sorry about the foot (OUCH!!!) ......Second, HYSTERICAL video clip! Thank you!!! Enjoy your girly day out...see you Saturday! (I wanna see the Thriller dance in person, though -- how many Jell-O shots will it take???) XOXO


I can do that too. When my knee gets better I think I will entertain my friends with my cool dance!!!

Thrilla, I Love it.


I hope that you had the BEST day with your girls! And I hope that your foot is feeling better...that is so not nice. :-( Cean and I had a day like your Thursday yesterday and Just plain yuckiness.

Sending lots of love.xoxoxo


It's nice to see that the Philippines fully embrace the rehabilitation aspect of prison. Although I'm not sure that turning thieves and murderers into line dancers is a net gain for society...

Anyway. Thanks for that video. I especially liked that they chose a guy who needs Rogaine to play the Ola Ray part!


hee hee ... i so want to see you do thriller ;-) girlfriends are the best and glad you had fun with yours ~ xoxox

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