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August 28, 2007



I LOVE this picture of you. I saw it on Denise's site a few days ago. It is simply stunning.

boho girl

oh schmoops.
i am a bit speechless here with tears running down my cheeks and a snotty nose. ; )

how can i express in words how touched i am by all your sweetness in all you shared. it means so, so much to me.

i'll just have to go over there in person and tackle you!

whenever i see this picture of you, i feel a little crush. you are a stunning subject to photograph with perfectly plump lips, luminous eyes and such sexy features. i cannot wait to photograph you and the love of your life. it will be so other worldly to capture the magic between you two.

i love you and am so honored to be your friend.

thank you...thank you.

and yes...those other photogs rock my world too.



Love this picture of you. And love that you're wearing that necklace, i have the same one :)



This photo is so enigmatic... your soul shines through. What a pleasure to gaze upon such beauty, and to see friendship with your special girl shine through.



this photograph of you is completely luminous ~ she has completely captured your rare beauty :)

i am honored to be included in such an amazing list of photographers, so very honored ... smooches!! xox

Kirsten Michelle

well, you already know i think you look absolutely gorgeous in this photo ;-)
i bought a beautiful necklace last month from denise that is so stunning i almost never take it off...she has such an incredible eye and her attention to detail is extraordinary... i can actually feel her love wrapped around me when i'm wearing it.
i'm also flattered have one of her amazing photographs up in my home.
the whole time i was reading your post, i was dreaming up ways to get myself together enough money to fly to california to have denise photograph me eating food made by you ;-)


you look so full of warmth and soul here...beautiful work indeed!


You have always been beautiful inside and out!!!

When I look at this picture, Denise has indeed captured your soul. They say the eyes are the mirror of your soul.



You look soulful and gorgeous in the
portrait Denise too - she has a beautiful

I love her jewellery as well! I have them
marked as faves on etsy -



BEAUTIFUL picture of YOU!!!


You are both stunningly beautiful and so full of talent....this photo is magic...I believe that sweet Denise did truly capture the soul that is YOU! This is such a lovely tribute and recommendation....this is the love that exists in the and support.

It's are beautiful.

lots of love.xoxoxoxo


Denise's portrait is beautiful, but I loved your Black & White self portrait ( Feb 2007) this one was amazing!


Gogeous you-wow-this photo really captures all your sexy and beauty so wonderfully.

Deni is a great artist. I envy that you got a sexy pic taken by her.

She took one of my favorite pics of me.

Thank you for the love sweetness-I think you rock too:)

Love and kisses


The photo is beautiful, earthy and alluring.
And when I looked at it I saw something beyond the first surface. and it was beautiful too.

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