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September 25, 2007



I have never commented here before, but I often stop by your blog for inspiration. Your words touch me. Isn't it strange: I don't even know you and yet tears welled up in my eyes as I was reading your news. Thank you for being so truthful and open and sharing your beautiful journey. Love & peace.


That's fantastic news.

We'll be in LA this weekend to celebrate Jenn's great-grandmother's birthday. I hope we can catch up with you.

boho girl

love you, brave friend.
my cup runneth over for you too.



you know... I have come to just love you so much... so much over this silly thing, this non-real, real world... that I too filled up with tears for you.


congrats to you both.

i love you, your hubby and your baby too!


oh my GOD, congratulations Stacie!! this is wonderful news, and i am am just so thrilled for you and Jimmy. it was the choo-choo-choo bit that brought tears for me - the beautiful little heartbeat that is your child..... *deep contented sigh*

lots of love to all 3 of you :-D xxo


Yowza, what a post! I've know for a while now, but been literally on the edge of my seat wondering how things were going each day. It has been hard not to reach out and ask if all is well on a daily basis. I am so happy for you guys!!

Your post brought tears to my eyes...

I'm thinking of each of you and sending you good (baby) energy every day!

Love you guys!


I am doing a dance for you both.... How wonderful this news for you....

Big hugs,
Love Toni


I am in tears with joy for you and Jimmy and for your commitment- to your feelings and experience and for lovingly sharing it with so many. Sending you lots of peaceful energy.


I am so happy for you, so incredibly happy. So are you expecting an Aries or Taurus baby?


I had a feeling! Oh, girl I am so incredibly happy for you, so over the moon. That is so absolutely fantastic! Congratulations, mama!


Thanks so much for sharing this news and all the emotions you've been experiencing. Congratulations to you & Jimmy. As with the others, I also teared up as I read and had to keep myself from skipping ahead to find out if I was right about what I thought you were trying to tell us. Your cup runneth over and we'll help keep it flowing!


My heart is so full for you right now.
To hear that heart beating, to see the image of the life inside is stunning.
So many emotions and yet you allowed them all. There is so much power here.
Be well.


congratulations. this was a beautiful and intimate timeline and i'm grateful that you shared with us here. i'm excited and sending strong healthy baby thoughts to the west coast. xo


I've never commented before, but read quite often. I just wanted to say congratulations on this wonderful new part of your journey!


AWESOME that the news is not only public, but GOOD so far! I am keeping the faith. You are all in my prayers for a healthy pregnancy & a healthy Baby D. Love you guys!! And, again, getting "the news" that fateful b-day of mine was the best gift ever. You know I wish you the best in this & in all things. XOXO


I just wanted to say congratulations! I lurk your blog every day and was hoping that this was the reason you have been so quite!


I just wanted to say congratulations! I lurk your blog every day and was hoping that this was the reason you have been so quite!


I just wanted to say congratulations! I lurk your blog every day and was hoping that this was the reason you have been so quite!


I am sitting in my office - crying. I am so happy for you and Jimmy. I love you both and will surround all of you in positive thoughts and white light. Hugs.


all i know of you is through what i've recently read on your blog. but reading this entry brought happy tears to my eyes. i am so happy for you and jimmy. thank you for sharing your secret with us. all the good thoughts and blessings i can muster to you. congratulations. :)


your journey made me sob - i am sitting her
sobbing - so filled with love and joy and
HAPPINESS for you - you dear wonderful



Tears of joy for the two of you, and thank you for sharing this amazing timeline beautiful you. My heart is beating a little faster too. lots of love.xoxoxo


i have been dancing for you sweetheart and cherish that you shared this beautiful timeline ... can't wait to hear your voice again ~ so happy, so very very happy :) xoxox


yea! i'm so happy for you. i know that we never really feel "safe" but i'm so glad that you told us. your news is not only safe, but welcome!


Oh, beautiful mama...
Felicidades, Pure happiness for you and your family.

I'm lighting a candle for the little heartbeat in your womb, and my prayers of joy are with you. Sending you strong karma of hope and health.



I have had 3 miscarriages in my life. I know that when I was 13 weeks into my son's pregnancy I started bleeding again. When they did the ultrasound and we saw the heartbeat and his little body, the doctor said, "You have a 98% chance of keeping this guy."

98% is a statistic I can life with.

He turned 18 a few weeks ago.

It's going to be just fine. Congratulations.


Let's see here Aries. April 9, 2008.

Didn't I tell you the picture you had on your blog looked like Mars. Mars rules Aries!

I am so happy happy happy!

Of Course a Girl, we have a whole bunch of girls on our side of the gene pool!!

Love you Love you Love you.


I am crying-tears of love and gratitude-appreciation for your sensitivity and caring-excitement that you are on the journey to become a mama-and understanding that until you hold that healthy baby in your arms the worry never really stops. I can say that I will always worry a bit for my son-but the fear associated with my losses did dissapate when I gave birth and he was healthy.
Much love and dancing for you mama.


aahhhh, that's where I was picking up the aires!!

Honey, I am so unbelievably happy for you! I know all too well what you were feeling in that Dr.'s office the second time. There is no other fear like that.

I've only "known" you a short time, but I know that you will be an incredible mother. I'm also sure that everything will be okay. You've passed a benchmark, and I know telling you "not to worry" is an asinine thing to say to you, but do try. Enjoy this. Live it. Love it. Don't allow yourself to go to the "bad place". Life is too short to live it with worry and doubt. Live, laugh, love. Rub your belly constantly. Smile sweetly when you feel that tinge of ligiments stretching.
You are a mommy.
and you are beautiful!

I'm praying sticky-baby-dust for you!


Congratulations! I'll say a prayer for you and Jimmy and your little one.

Try and enjoy every minutes of your pregnancy. They say it goes very fast.


Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful, personal timeline. Congratulations on your most wonderful news! I am filled with joy for you!


Oh WOW! That is such good news. So incredibly happy for you. Stay in the moment as that is all there is. Congratulations!!


Blessings to you!




i am crying tears of excitement and joy for you all three. every day i think of you and send positive thoughts to your baby and for your life as a mom. and more love.


Beautiful news! Many warm thoughts to you and your growing family.


Okay, I totally cried over reading this even though I knew! I am so incredibly happy for you and Jimmy!!!


This is the best blog post ever :D I'm wishing you 3 all the best and am sending you warm thoughts!! xoxox

Kung Foodie Kat

so wonderful! such a beautiful gift you've shared with us. life, love, wonderment!


Wow!! This is the best news I have heard for long time! This is wonderful.
Take care of yourself, eat well, slep well, drink tons of water,rest whenever you can. Be around positive people with good vibes.
I am so happy for you and Jimmy.


how are you feeling mama?


magic is all around you,
i can feel it!

i am thrilled to witness
this sacred journey of yours...

hope to see you soon.
till then,
you will be in my heart.

with love
mccabe x


Congratulations! This was such a beautiful recount of your journey. I wish you all the best on the months ahead of you! Take care!
Btw - I love the name of your new biz too!


Oh Stacie! Tears are streaming down my eyes right now. A silent "i love you" to you and Jimmy - I am so happy for you both. The three of you are in my prayers. You already are a great mom!

xxoo - The Doods


Oh my gosh sweetie! This is so amazing! So happy for you! BTW, me too!


Delurking to say congratulations! As someone who has lost two and is currently pregnant with my -hopefully- first-born, I feel very connected to your journey. This post brings me tears of joy. I'm so happy for you and your husband!! Many positive, hopeful wishes sent to you and your growing, beautiful new life.


much love to you and Jimmy and baby schmoopy inside. Know that you have love and good wishes from all over.

la vie en rose

i'm mumbling a quick prayer for you and your little one...congratulations!


I just wanted to check in and see how you are feeling and to say how very happy I am for you.
Blessing to you dear one,


i am crying now for you and your sweet family. WHY? i don't even know you, but i see your love manifested on so many blogs. i'm so happy for you!

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