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September 10, 2007



Well, I could be wrong, but I don't know you as a "water person" at all! The mere thought of swimwear brings you to run away in terror & while I know you are no prude, I cannot fathom you jumping into any pool, ocean or lake, with or without a swimsuit, my dear! (wink) On another note, I do not recall the blue hair incident, but I know we all favored the infamous "White Minx" rinse to help tone our over-processed, bleached hair & that does have a blue tint. I just don't remember anyone calling you Blueberry! But, with all the hair mishaps between us, I don't rule it out! :) Lastly, I don't recall your participation in drama classes, but for some reason, chorus seems like it might be real.... This is tough!!



I know I know raises hand and sits back down!


I know too, do I still get to play or should I let the others have a chance??


okay ~ this is going to take some serious thought :) i am not guessing yet, will come back to this tomorrow after i've let my brain ponder it for a while ~ am sooooo glad you played along!! too much fun : )


Alright, I will confess that I have visited this post at least four times in the hopes that one of the lovelies who knows you better than I might drop a hint... Sueberry helped me a bit, but Windylindy & Tina have only teased!


Alright, #1 & #2 you gave quite a bit of info... but was that merely to throw us off the trail? #8, well, who wouldn't have a crush on Data? I'm going with my first instinct - #6.

Yup, that's my answer #6.

Thank you for the fun, beautiful Schmoopy!


Kirsten Michelle

well, i'm still making my way through your archives ;-)
...not that i wasn't happy to see this newest post!!!

ohhhhhh, how i love contests...
3 is my lucky number.
BUT, sueberry has me thinking 6.
6 is maybe i'd be twice as lucky!!!

chocolate, lavender and love are 3 of my most favourite things...
3 it is ;-)

love to you,

boho girl


hee hee.


Hmmm - I guess ...that you were not in
a play and played vanilla:)

ohhhhh and I adore soul music - once I snuck
into a Baptist church and the singing
filled me with elation and I jumped to my
feet clapping wildly even though I was
a bit self-conscious - the only white one
there - but the lady beside me grabbed my hand
and we danced in the aisle.

:) and I ADORE NIna Simone!


okay ~ you are a total gypsy and have been all the places that i still dream of going; i know you are all about the music so that one's easy; i can picture you with blueberry hair ~ tee hee utter cuteness and since i know you have a tatoo as i do, i am going to assume that you also had a belly ring like i did; salsa ~ oh yes :) and i was shy too but did the drama thing so suspect that you did too because you are so uber talented artistic and hello, who didn't have a crush on data, tee hee.

so yes, in my dorky long winded way, i too am choosing #6 because i remember a question meme that we both did that asked ocean or pool and i think you said ocean in the winter whereas i was all like bring me the water and let me at it, clothing optional for sure and i'm not a water sign but all the cancers i know (and you know i know a lot) are not really big swimmers though they like being around the water.

okay ~ i'm probably wrong but this was so much fun :) xoxoxox warm hugs honey!


wow geeez... this is kinda fun.

I'm going to go with #4 because with all my hair dying experience and watching friends bleach their hair until is starts to fall out, I've never ever ever seen anyones hair turn baby blue. It might be cool though. I mean blue hair, yay!

Glad to see you're back! I so get the needing time and space thing. :) I'm right there with you. Maybe it's something with the moon, changing seasons, nesting time.


Okay, I had to read this, go away and come back. I am also picking number 6....mainly because I am also a Cancer and a water sign, and while I love to SEE water, the first to dive into ANY water? Um, not in this lifetime...especially not clothing optional. He he

I could be very wrong in my assumption that while you also love to see the water, you are not all about diving in, but that's my pick.

lots of love.xoxoxo


i am happy to see you posting again...i have felt the same, just sort of quite and busy living.

i guess that number 6 is not true...but i could be wrong, you seem like if you did like water you'd be wild and jump in sans clothes!



Happy to see you back here in blogland...
I am thinking #6...... Wild Guess though....

Big Hugs,
Love Toni


#6 is my guess-only because the water signs I know don't seem to like the water all that much. My son is one of them:)

la vie en rose

i feel the same way about bruce springsteen that you do your soul singers...he's long been my church and his lyrics are my bible...

good meme!


i loved reading these answers here and since i haven't been reading here for long, i feel like each of the answers here are plausible. (=
i feel the same way about george gershwin tunes, especially when ella sings them. i feel like i should have been born in the 40's, the music speaks so deeply to my soul.

i think your pressie for the winner is divine and i hope you'll take a photo and also, tell us what each divine edible is!


I've only been visiting a little while, but my intuition, which I trust, tells me you are NOT a water sign. :) I think you are a Leo, or perhaps an Aires like me. :)

Or I could just have a big fantasy like blog-crush and just want you to be like me!!


Hmmm... I think I know you pretty well. I do not think you ever had a pierced belly button, but I could be wrong.

How are you going to send those goodies to Amsterdam??


Wow. You're good at telling your truths, I mean... Is there a lie in there? You totally fooled me on all those as you described well every item! Okay... The bathing suit optional gave it away ;P right?


I do know you well enough butI believe in everything said except : #5 and #8
Take care!


i have come back to this post 3 or 4 times now....
i REALLY enjoyed reading it,
it is such a big morsel of your magic.

love it.


Which Friday??? Sorry, I know you are very very busy and would like more quiet!

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