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October 18, 2007



LOL!!!!! Oh, that is funny!!!

Our cat just goes straight for the bat.


Thanks so much for sharing this!!! My cat died a couple of weeks ago, and i never thought i'd say this but I miss being waked by the furry thing. Maybe it is time to get me a new alarmcat. xox




This is my Madi-girl all over!!! I need to email that video to my husband.

Yes, it is very accurate...

Hugs to you,


OMG, it's so true!! The animator deserves an Oscar! Thanks for posting it, it made my day!


this is our night. Cat's go out, cat's make noise that they are in, Cat's sleep all over us!!!

We could so do this cartoon Kevin. I can't wait to see you soon!!!



So true! Goose would always do that!!!


That video is SOOOOO my pal Erika's kitten, "Truman"!! He's rotten to the core, I tell you & I don't know how she lives with him daily. Truman is all white & she has dubbed him "the white devil" to give you some idea of how "special" he truly is. ;) ha ha ha! But that cartoon was really funny, so thanks for sharing.


Hi there - have been out of the loop for awhile so I wanted to come, de-lurk and wish you all the best with everything that is going on!! I'm off to Darlene's site now - love to you and your little bean!!

la vie en rose

god bless you tube! it's such an endless source of amusement!


Hi Stacey!

I'd like to introduce you to my friend Wilma. She's another amazing, inspirational woman that I absolutely love. She was one of my earliest "teachers in life." The first that I was aware of. I knew that I had to listen close to what she said and find the meaning for me, to me.

I thought that I would share and hope you find inspiration in her stories.

Lots of love...


I passed the same message to Boho.



hee hee ... and beautiful beautiful photo honey :) xox


he he he...this video was VERY funny, and it is indeed classic cat behavior! love to you.xoxo


This is so funny! I forwarded the link to some of my cat-owning friends who all had nodded their heads knowingly. Thanks for sharing:)

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