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October 10, 2007



this is such an incredibly beautiful tribute to girly friendships, to your friendship, to your weekend with beauty. :) it makes my whole being light up in smiles, calm joy and happiness and gorgeous photos, you are creating magic with your camera honey!!

sending you much love, mmmmm chai tea with vanilla almond milk ~ i am so making some of that tonight ... xoxoxox


what a yummy time you had...blessing all around you...


Oh, reading that really made me miss home! Luckily I've got one really good girlfriend here - we occasionally share re-runs of Sex and the City over pina coladas. :-)


Yes, it does inspire me! I am moving back to my old "stomping grounds" on Long Island next month and had been toying with the idea of having a "girls' night" regularly, with crafting, tea, coffee, laughter, stories, and more. Your post encourages me to follow through with the idea. Thanks!


I'm an only child too. And I so get what you say. Thanks for sharing these words on your girly weekend, it made me in need of some girly time!



Reveling in your girly love - how wonderful...

Makes me smile thinking of such beauty mingling, smiling, and making the world sparkle.




That's wonderful that you had such a great time this past weekend! Which beach did you go to?

Oh, and tell Jimmy to give me a ring, I've got pictures of us when we were young. Even a birthday one too, I think. :D

I love going on weekends with just my girlfriends, it's the best!!!

(((((((((Hugs to you and your belly too!))))))


Oh absolutely dreamy:)

I would love love love to have been there with you girls.

I am glad you got pampered.

I am an only child too and I feel very grateful to be surrounded by such lovely yumji girlfriends.

Love you


beautiful writing
from a beautiful girl.

this is a great shot of densie!
i like seeing her through your eyes.

it was a treat to see
your smiling face this weekend,
my dear!!

sending love and prayers
to your belly...

mccabe x

ps i hope to see you soon!

la vie en rose

*sigh*...oh how much fun...


You've been tagged.

Please visit

: )


What fun you've had and how blessed we all are to have all three of you Goddesses in our lives!


I LOVE girlie weekends, get to gethers, circles.
I know how much they heal and nurture and teach us self love, how they wrap us in saftey and warmth and beauty. It took me a long time to give in, to let myself be a woman with other women and embrace this. And now that I have, it is the best gift I've been given on my healing path.
I call the FemFests and really, they are a non-negotiable.
So happy you had your own this weekend.


I love my girlie weekends - and
especially the breakfasts - i adore mornings:)

your weekend with Denise and Mermie sounds
so soulful and delightful and snuggly -
i love the photo of you dancing in the ocean -


i truly cant say it enough: WOMEN NEED WOMEN!

i don't have a sister, so it's the girlie friends that make my world so wonderful!



Such warmth and happiness and pureness. I, too am an only child, and it has taken many years to get to this place where I finally *have* some really deep connections with other females. I adore hearing about these weekends and it just tickles me that this one contained so much magic.

Wonderful photos.

Sending you and that gorgeous belly love.xoxoxo

boho girl

what a wonderful thing to come home to.

you are so amazing to notice all the special touches of my home. you just snuggled right in so naturally.

i missed you as soon as we blew kisses driving onto the opposite freeways.

i am so touched that you are eating our morning bread treat, as well as the tea. yummmm.

love you!

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