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November 13, 2007



I've been thinking girl energy for your little one too. Just have a feeling. Can't wait to hear if I'm right!


A tag blanket; you can find them online and lucky for me my sister's mother-in-law makes them. Babies and toddlers seem to love tags, soft and smooth, the way they can easily rub them between there fingers~soothing rhythmn I am guessing.

Love your new gifts~so beautiful


They're beautiful s/he will love them!

Not a Mama yet, but one gift that I give that seems to go over well is some sort of wrap or baby carrier (mei tai or ergo usually). Daddy's love 'em, too!


Well, I'm not a mother although I hope to become one someday. If there is one thing I love and know children love too, it is books. I guess for a little human bean Nijntje (Miffy, would be perfect and I'm not just saying that because the writer is Dutch ;) Children love the colourful books and stories told in rhyme. The books come in different kinds of shapes and sizes, there are even books for in the bath!



first of all, congratulations! the two best gifts i received were six months of diaper service and a subscription to mothering magazine. no new mother should have to figure out diaper washing in the first few months, it does become a zen activity after a while. i have lovely memories of hanging the diapers on the line while my wee one slept in a basket at my feet. mothering magazine helped me through those tough first weeks of nursing and helped me stick with it. again, another sublime facet of motherhood. be well and blessings, blessings, blessings...


What adorable and utterly precious gifts you received!

I've been trying to rack my brain and come up with that one thing that a mother can't be without, but there are so many!

I totally and completely agree with Puanani on the mothering magazine though, wow, what a life saver. I still subscribe to one.

I would have to say that having a bouncer and/or swing are top on that list too. Babies loved to be held and/or moved and sometimes us mom's need to go to the bathroom, or shower, make dinner, etc., and babies always seem to want the most attention when we are trying to get something done.

The one gift I received with my youngest that I loved was my pack and play playard with the bassinet and changing table on it. The more multifuntional the item, the better it was for me. :)


such cuteness!!


GORGEOUS gifts!!! And, in case you did not know, elephants are good luck! (I have a fondness for them myself.) What lovely gifts your bloggie gal pals are sending your way. I hope I can even compete when I get around to making mine for you. :) Those gifts are simply gorgeous......ALMOST makes a girl wanna take the plunge herself. ha-ha!

While I have no babies of my own, my sister, who has 2, says one of the best gifts was the bouncer that resembled a miniature "papazon" chair -- and I know I am totally spelling that wrong!!! I will see if I can find the link & send it your way. My niece loved it & now, so does my little nephew. She said it was a lifesaver, indeed. XOXO


These are great everyone ~ keep 'em coming! I am learning so much and am having fun researching all these items.



Awwwww, thank you for your sweet words!


I hope baby Schmoopy enjoys the painting, and I LOVE McCabe's designs! Those are adorable.

Now, a favorite gift that I GAVE was a baby wipes warmer (they may not have had them when my daughter was born), but it is perfect for their little bum, heehee

Sending you love and hugs, and an extra one for your Butter Bean.


These beautiful gifts warm my heart so...I can only imagine how they must have warmed yours! :-)

The gifts that touched me the most were the ones that people made themselves because no matter how simple, I knew they had put their heart and hands into the objects and that meant the most.

Love to you beautiful one.xoxoxo

Minerva Jane

so pretty!

I think it's a girl, too. (don't know why since i've only been reading your blog since the beg of June, but there you go.


:) those gifts are absolutely gorgeous by two adorably talented beauties!! yay!!

you will get what you need as you need it i am sure, the best gift you are already providing, the gift of your and jimmy's love ;) i think the best gifts i received for aiden and for henry and eliot were the ones that came from the heart ...

much love to you all, smooches and an extra squeeze and snuggle to your beautiful belly bean :) i love you honey, lets talk soon ... xoxoxox


my little one is so old now i have a hard time remembering way back then...okay it wasn't really way back then but sometimes it feels like it...i remember loving the boppy i recieved (and i used it alot in the hospital while trying to learn to breast feed)...oh and an electric breast pump instead of a hand held pump is A MUST...i don't know what i would have done if a good friend hadn't let me use her electric pump


Since I do not yet have a baby of my own, I do not have any "new mommy gotta have it" items to recomment. However, one thing I LOVE getting my girlfriends when they have their little bundles is the book "On the Day You Were Born" by Debra Frasier. I love to inscribe the inside cover with a little note to the little one. It's not a baby book, but a wonderful story connecting nature and natural occurances to the birth of the little one. It also has an educational section in the back, so when the little one grows, they can learn, too. Book stores almost always have it in stock. I still get all weepy reading it.

Another thing that I do for baby shower gifts is to give two gifts: One for baby and one for mommy's self care, such as favorite scented lotions or a spa gift certificate with a promise of baby sitting when the appointment is set. Mommy's the one who goes through the biggest physical stress and deserves some pampering for her role in bringing new life to the world.

May you and your little one be overwhelmed with love and comfort, now and always!


I only just found your blog and I'm so happy to meet you. An item I couldn't have done without when my son was a baby was a muslin wrap. For the times when he wasn't sleeping on me in a sling he really needed the closeness of the wrap and the muslin breathes beautifully and is so soft.

The most valuable present I received was a friend's time. She visited at 9am one morning when I was no way near being dressed, and she held my baby while I showered and later she did the dishes and swept the floor. I've never been more grateful!



Free, never-ending, loving baby spoiling, whether for a night or weekend. Oh, wait, that's for me - not you!
Love you!


Oh wow those are so sweet and lovely!! How blessed and lucky you are to have such generous craftsy friends!!

The book you gave us for Peanut is still my favorite and I have since given it as a gift to someone else. I also love "Guess How Much I Love You," and "Oh, The Places You Will Go."

As far as practical items go...Our Pack-n-Play that he still sleeps in since we haven't yet set up his crib has been a real life saver!! And Daniel LOVES his Papasan swing!! It's pretty popular too since I've seen the exact same model on just about every baby show there is!!

Oh and my dear Kelli (what would I ever do without her??!!) sent me a parent primer-she or I will make you a copy-that is sort of a new parent manual. I have found it VERY helpful thus far!!

I'm sure there are others and as I think of them I'll let you know...Of course his stroller and carseat were also great gifts that are much needed and greatly appreciated as well.

Your little babe will want for nothing I am sure!

Bohemian mom

Hi, and congrats on your adorable baby bump!
I've seen your name around blogland and thought I'd check out what the heck a Schmoopy is!
My absolute most fabulous gift was a huge basket overflowing with assorted fruits, individualy wrapped healthy muffins & granola bars, little packs of nuts & seeds, single serving bottles of juices, etc.
My best friend brought it over the day I came home from the hospital with my baby girl. I was nursing and that basket was beside me the entire first week. I carried my baby & my basket from room to room. Incredibly handy for quick healthy snacks while breastfeeding.
It is now my *signature gift* any time one of my friends has a baby.
Peace & hugs


the best things to me are keepsake gifts.
a quilt, a sterling silver bracelet engraved, little notes tucked away in secret places, reciepts of things bought.

i made a pregnancy journal. that's the best!
from the begining till the end i wrote in it religiously and it is my most treasured item. i put pictures in it and drew many pictures of my hopes and dreams. in this book are all the craziness of first time mommyhood!

congratulations to you and your beautiful little guy or girl in your belly...i think BOY!

lots of love to you...


Oh yes, the Boppy was WONDERFUL!!!


we received a few gifts before ruby was born that quickly revealed themselves to be indispensable. these are things for which i didn't register, but which i could not have lived without. well, i would have lived, but i would have been even more tired. anyway, they aren't particularly romantic items, but, really, make sure you get them:
1. a baby papasan chair, bought by my high school friend. it is the perfect shape and size for a newborn. and it vibrates, which most babies love in the beginning. it hadn't occured to me that i would need some where to PUT her when i wanted to actually do something other than holdher (which was rare but necessary). the chair is easy to tote around; you can put it on the counter while you eat (you will eat standing up for the next year or so, btw), on the bathroom floor while you shower, etc. ruby loved this chair so much; she slept in it alll the time. i can't remember the brand name (she has outgrown it), but if i remember, i will look it up and send it to you.
2. symphony in motion mobile. this is the best mobile ever, was gifted to us by a college friend, and ruby started talking to it when she was 2 months old, she loved it so much. when she was that young, she was so content to watch it/listen to it. also a godsend if -- imagine this -- you want to piss by yourself or answer the phone. we never kept her in her crib or bassinet; we were always holding her. but the chair and the mobile did give us free hands when we wanted them.
3. dr. brown's bottles. again, not very romantic, but these bottles RULE. ruby rarely even burped after drinking from them,. if you are going to use bottles, and even if you think you won't (i wasn;t going to at all until i hit a little milk supply problem. also, my husband wanted to feed her, so i started pumping...), get these. i had bought the avent bottles, but my mom-in-law bought me these, and they were really extraordinary.
4. if she is a girl, you have to get the trumpette mary jane socks....
if i remember anymore, i will send them along.
good luck!!! i'm sure s/he's doing just perfectly in there. and you look amazing. really.


oh! i almost forgot! one gift i bought myself was dr. sears's "the baby book." it is the BIBLE and has never steered me wrong. i was able to diagnose thrush AND pinpoint the exact cause of her first diaper rash (too much grapefruit juice while i was breastfeeding) based on his very specific descriptions of rashes. it is amazing how much we used, and still use, that book. dr. sears is a bit pushy with his opinions about breastfeeding, co-sleeping, and other attachment parenting practices, so if these aren't the choices you make for your family, you may find those sections annoying. however, it is absolutely worth it to skip over that stuff if you need to. the book is invaluable.


this one:

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