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November 24, 2007



I would love to have a delicious feast for Thanksgiving, but we choose to have Thanksgiving with family instead. ;-) Since I apparently have to choose, I figure I can get good food any other day of the year. We only get to see all of them in one place one weekend of the year.


I also love pomegranates and while in kabul a week ago had the pleasure of fresh pomengranates for breakfast every morning.

your dinner sounds mouth-watering and i can see a wonderful cookbook in the pipeline!


Yum! That sounds so delicious. Thank you for sharing. I will definitely try to make chicken with a fruit juice glaze next time. Celery root is such a great vegetable. Another yummy way to use it is to cut it up in strips with carrots and fennel. Put everything in an oven safe dish, drizzle over olive oil and sprigs of fresh thyme and bake it in the oven. It makes a nice accompaniment with chicken and fish.

I would love the recipe of the chocolate cake. It sounds like a great treat!

Kirsten Michelle

just so you know...the temperature gauge on my oven is pretty accurate, in case you ever wanted to come over and test out some of the recipes for your cookbook here...hee,hee ;-)
dinner sounds absolutely incredible!!!
i NEVER turn down recipes for 24 kinds of sinful deliciousness or the opportunity to tell you how sweet it is to read about you making room for your baby girl ;-)
thanks for give us a peek inside your holiday weekend.
love to you,


i love how you add flair, magic, and simplicity to everything you do. this sounds beautiful! in my own dream world, i would pay you to come live at my house for a week with the sole purpose of cooking for me. (this might not be as dreamy for you) i love that you make cooking an art! it is so inspiring.


mccabe xx


i loved reading this!!! thanks for sharing :)

much love to you three xox


Sounds truly wonderful! In Amsterdam we had a mini-potluck with friends. Absolutely fabulous.

boho girl

ummmm...i think some drool just fell on my laptop. can i come live with you guys so you can feed me?

i heart the schmoop family.



to the previous post!!!!! A GIRL!!! i am so excited for you!
and your holiday sounded so perfect!
much love to you.


mmmmmmmmmmmmm honey ... that sounds so yummy it almost makes me want to through my vegan ways out the window ;-)

i so love you and all your beautiful non traditional traditions :) so glad you nested, nesting is the best!! xox


i love this meal. i love basting and i love pomegranates and i love celery root (in autumn winter, when i become AMAZING SOUP GIRL with whatever's almost going off in my fridge, it's my staple flavour) and i love that you nested. it sounds lovely.


Pretty pom photo! Sounds like you 2 had a lovely holiday....and I hope you enjoyed "massaging" the bird because you would not ever catch me doing that unless I had rubber gloves on up to my elbows. ha ha ha!!! I am totally jealous, though, that you had molten chocolate cakes!! I hope you saved me some. XOXO

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