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December 21, 2007


Kirsten Michelle

happy holidays beautiful...
have a fabulous time in austin!!!
i'm so excited for all the amazing things 2008 has in store for you ;-)
love and hugs.


I am so glad that you checked in...I have been thinking about you everyday. Have an amazing time in Austin; I am so happy that you two (three) are going. I hope that it is everything that you need right now and more. Merry Christmas and mountains of love.xoxoxo


oh, don't worry-there are plenty of republican And yeah, Austin is definitely the hippie-weirdo part of the state (I love it too!). I live in Dallas and while me and the majority of the state disagree on all the major topics and belief structures, I do love it here. The diversity-not only in people but in landscape and ethnicity and influence.

I highly recommend, if you ever have the time, to travel about an hour west of Austin to Frederickburg in hill country.


happy holidays pretty girl....
thinking of you.


with love
mccabe x


dandelion ~

i have been to Fredericksburg. i love hill country, such a sweet place. there was a boutique i remember that sold handmade soaps, lotions and linens displayed in vintage suitcases. it was so full of inspiration. it made me want my own store!



Hey Smoops!

love the song. I want to go to Texas too. Galveston I fell in love with. Maybe Surfside is more in my price range!

Jan gave me a Christmas present last night.
A Grandma Brag Book. AHHHHHH.

Cya when u get back.




Yay for Austin, Texas and getting away from home repair chaos.


I am so glad you will be visiting my state...Austin is an incredible place; a perfect weekend getaway from Dallas for us.
Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. And remember...keep Austin weird.


happy happy healthy healthy holidays to you! Enjoy Texas!



hope you are having a beautiful time my friend, much love and wishing you joy and peace ... xox


Happy Holidays, and hugs & love to you!!!




hey cutie! hope your holidays went well and that you are enjoying good ol' texas! i've been thinking about you and wondering how you've been feeling with your pregnancy! I started a new blog:
if you want to update your link list and visit me sometime!

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