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December 19, 2007



you don't handle it with grace...
you are 7 months pregnant and your world is in chaos. i would flip out, good thing you are leaving for a bit. but ya know, t his too will pass, it always does. life will be lived and your daughter will arrive and you will be the sweetest mommy with tons of love and i am sure you will create a beautiful, safe, organic environment in which to thrive in.

mommy land is deep in chaos, always churning and seriously a bit crazy! well, i have 2 little boys so mine is. things are never organized, i put away they take out!

get irate, you are pregnant!
enjoy your holiday in austin.

Kirsten Michelle

well my friend, you read my post so you'll know i'm NOT in a position to offer up ANY advice on handling chaos with grace.
i can definitely relate to what you are going through. my maya rose was born on April 3, just a few months after the fire. i know what it feels like to be thrown into chaos when all you really want to do is nest in prepartion for your little one's arrival. i hope your time in austin will give you a bit of a break from what's been going on...and that they are able to wrap up their work on your beautiful apartment very, very soon!!!
sending you love and hugs,


If I knew the answer to that last question,I promise that I would share it with you...but I don't. You are not going to hear any of those things you don't want to hear from me, because for different reasons, I am right there with you. If it was not for Ayden, Christmas would come and go and I would be happy to let it do so. Everything is behind here...there are no Christmas cards going out...everything is a mess...I am a mess....Let's just revel in our mess, because at this point, what else is there to do? *wink* I hope that getting this all out actually did relieve your insides a little bit.

And goodness, my beautiful friend, you do not always need to be inspirational...because life is not always inspirational. Life is also the crap that you are enduring right now, and if you can't come here and just let it all out, then????

I would be on the verge too; it is all too much right now. I am so glad that you are leaving it all to go to Austin and I so hope that your time there is full of peace and calm...not merry false joy...just peace and calm and love. I think that is all you are wishing for right now. I wish that I could package it up and send it in the mail straight to your door.

Instead, I send you virtual hugs and moutains of love and wishes for a safe trip and a beautiful time away. Love you.xoxoxo


i would be having a heart attack too.

maybe you can find a cat sitter to help while you guys are check on her and send reports?

i hope austin is full of calm and love.

chocolate covered musings

can't say i'm a big fan of xmas myself. i really feel for you though. personally, i handle chaos with grace by reveling in it for a while. not saying it will work for you, but hoping that you find your own way through it.

sending you my thoughts and blessings in the hope they will bring you some cheer. i wish for you a moment of peace and a wonderful relaxing time away.



amanda ~

we do have someone coming in while we are gone to keep an eye on things and check on our fur baby. it gives us a little comfort but we still worry because animals are dependent on us. she has no idea what all the noise is and i think she is comforted when we are here with her... xoxo

thanks everyone for your kindness.


i'm going to comment before i read what anyone else has to say. thank you for your honesty because while things do get better and life does go on and there is much to be thankful for and feel blessed, it's also perfectly reasonable to be put out and put upon when your home is dismantled, all things considered.

it totally sucks and hurray that you'll be heading to austin soon - a reprieve is the exact present you need!

so thank you miss stacie for writing this. safe travels to TX and happy holidays!! xoxo


What you are feeling is perfectly normal. In fact I am sure I would be a raging bitch if I were in your shoes. :) You are awesome!


Well, I am not the proper person to ask about handling chaos with grace, that's for sure! I have flipped out royally for lesser chaos. I have also lived through my fair share of leaking walls, windows & roofs and I can totally relate & share your pain.....of course, being pregnant all the while this BS is going on, Ummmmm..........I say be as angry as you like, dammit! I know you & I know you seldom raise your voice, but you are entitled too regardless of the "season". SCREAM if you must, but don't question your future abilities as a mommy because we all know you will be a damn good one....that seldom raises her voice! :) Love you LOTS!! Have a FAB trip, TRY not to worry about the chaos or the kitty (but it's hard not to). XOXO


OHHHHHHHHH! Have a wonderful trip and
I can't wait to visit your etsy shop when
it is unveiled:)


There's a quotation I hold onto - though I usually don't think of it until things around me are in total chaos and I'm frustrated and fearful and worried (like today, actually, so I'm grateful for your post because the quotation I'm about to share is for me as much as you)

"It turned out this man worked for the Dali Lama. And he said - gently - that they believe when a lot of things start going wrong all at once, it is to protect something big and lovely that is trying to get itself born - and that this something needs for you to be distracted so that it can be born as perfectly as possible" - Anne Lamott

I don't know what it all means but it gives me comfort on days like today.

And the reason I love Christmas (and you know me - you know I'm not "religious") I love it because it's about a miracle. It's about something amazing happening against all odds, in the midst of horrible, trying circumstances. A miracle. And I'm glad that once a year Christmas comes around to remind me that I believe in miracles.

I'm afraid this is all too chipper and "keep your chin up" - sounding. I don't mean it that way. I mean it from the deepest, truest part of me, to the deepest, truest, most miraculous part of you - the part that has faith in what you're doing - the part that chooses hope and believes that things are unfolding the way they're supposed to. Sometimes things suck. Sometimes everything sucks at once. And I'm sorry about that. Just don't let the dust keep you from seeing the miracles that are there too.


With chaos, nerves get frayed, and tempers are lost. Just be prepared to apologize when you snap, and don't get more stressed by worrying that your natural reaction to a stressful situation might not be appropriate.

My grandmother was fond of saying, "This, too, shall pass." I'm sure she mainly referred to whatever was the pain in the ass, but I suspect she might also have meant that our reaction to it will pass, too.


hi schmoopy!
glad you are coming to austin--the weather is quite nice down here right now (no rain in sight). if you want to get together with a dedicated schmoopy reader who used to live in the bay area, please be in touch! we can talk about capitola(my favorite!)
sending you peace from south austin,


and all i saw was ~ etsy store : ) hurrah!

handling chaos with grace ~ um ... my hubby would laugh if i even tried to answer that one ... last year at this time with a house full of people descending on us, we came home to a busted hot water tank and a flooded basement ... sigh, the freak out by moi, not pretty my friend ...

this year, we decided to renovate our basement before being descended upon by a houseful. um. mostly done but oh my did i have moments that were oh so not pretty my friend ...


i'm pretty sure that next to my feet stamping, verbal ranting and utter crying breakdowns with arms swinging the whole while that you are the picture of grace :) tee hee ... course you do dance around and clap and cheer like me so maybe we deal with chaos the same way ;-)

enjoy your trip honey, safe travels and know that i am sending you tons of love and big smooches!!


Dearest Schmoopy,

Allow me to elaborate an handling chaos with grace -

I have no f&*%$^# clue.


Have a safe trip, hug your girl for me, and I can't wait to hear more about your etsy store!




Who says you have to handle chaos with grace? Sometimes I clumsily stomping through it which can be just as effective in the end...and it's more fun.

Treat yourelf kindly. You deserve it.


Stacie, I have no idea how to handle chaos with grace. I'm one to yell and/or cry to get my frustrations out and I stress.

I like Brandon's grandma's saying of "This too shall pass". I know it's definitely hard to think of that in the midst of all the chaos. I need to put that saying on my fridge.

And the fact that you are wanting your precious bundle of joy to be in a safe environment shows that you are going to be a great mom.

When chaos lurks in our house when everything is going wrong with appliances, electronics, plumbing, etc, there gets to be a point in mine and Chip's life that we just end up laughing about it. It's like, "Crap, what else can go wrong", and it usually does.

Have a wonderful time in Austin. I think it's a perfect time for you to go there. To get away from it all. To regenerate. To relax. To renew.


I hear ya, girl. Rant away!


Handle Chaos with grace??? You tell Christmas it can suck it! tee hee

Then you get on the internet, blog to your friends about how you feel, and listen to us tell you that...



kitty will be okay, they always are.

boho girl

ohmygosh...i am so glad you are getting the heck out of there babes. i am so, so sorry this is happening right now. i think it will make getting on that airplane and breathing the Austin air that much sweeter. Texas has a special yummy smell that i haven't found anywhere else. i miss it. can you take some pictures for me?

good for you for "letting it out" here. so healthy!! i had this image of you playing that song and dancing around your house all angry like, swinging your gorgeous mane around and punching the air. hee hee.

you do know that next year at this time, you and Jimmy will laugh about all this crazy shit, right? stupid rain and construction!!! Grrrrrr-ness.

you be as Grinch-y as you need my love and we'll love you that much harder.

can't wait 'til the 5th.

call me on my cellie while i'm in the city and let me know you're okay in Austin. i'm fixin' to leave on a plane soon myself. hee hee.

my favorite Texas phrase is "i might could do that." LOVE it. oh how i miss their BBQ. have some for me, k???

I LOVE YOU, Jimmy and lil' shmoops...and kitty too.


boho girl

ps. my most recent post must have totally pissed you off. i'm all..."I LOVE THE RAIN...WEEEEE!"

and you're like..."whateva'". ; )


Sometimes, when your roof falls apart and everything is a mess, you just need to wallow and snarl. Angrily. This seems like a completely normal reaction.
Even though I mostly love this time of year, I can completely see how awful it is if you are feeling at odds with the whole "holiday cheer" "most wonderful time of the year" thing. Especially since it so oftens comes off as forced and/or false. And has been co-opted by the Mall. Yuck.
As for handling chaos with grace, well... as the others have more or less said that sounds like rather a lot of pressure! Maybe grace just means surviving in an imperfect, angry, messy, human way.
I won't wish you a merry Christmas (lol) but I will wish you a rest-full break from the chaos and a peacefull holiday.


Maybe when the new ceilings go up, they won't have to put the popcorn on and you can have lovely ceilings? A potential silver lining?


pixie dust is crackin me up cuz that is exactly what i was gonna say!!!!

i am sssssoooo with you on this!!!
my life seems pretty chaotic now too, so i am really not doing a darn thing about xmas this year either. nothing, nada, zip. i am right with you on the consumerism overload of the holiday and i am not one to love clutter and too much unnecessary crap and spending far more than one can afford! i hear ya girl, loud and clear...i just hope your construction gets finished ASAP! and goddess help any man (or woman) that pisses off a pregnant woman in regards to her nest! i send my best wishes for a SPEEDY sorting out of your home!!!


handling chaos with grace?
you are asking the wrong person.

however, i do believe you are handling it
the very best you can...
and although i know it may not seem like enough,
it is.
i am glad you have this space to let it out,
and a wonderful support system to listen.

christmas is stressful without the leaky ceiling.
i hear you
and am sending a cool calm your way.

with great love
mccabe x

ps i am worried about my cat too! 10 days without us. how can i relax?

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