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December 07, 2007



beautiful reds honey ... and oh my gosh, what a horrible thing to happen, so glad no-one was hurt though ... and oh yes big wish, thanks for reminding me :)

i love you ~ xoxoxox


I'm so sorry about your studio!! But even in the midst of that look how inspired you are... you are such a creative beauty!




Sorry to hear about that. I hope you were able to salvage the important things.

Aunt Denise

Thank God you are both okay, Stacie-girl!

How are you feeling? did you get our package? Did you get your Secret Santa person?

Love you


oh my goodness! i hope your studio and your home recover well!


Oh my goodness Stacie! How awful for you guys! I'm glad that you and Jimmy are okay though!

I hope your big wish comes true!



Oh my goodness, I am so glad that you are both okay!!! I know I can't say anything to make it better, but I am keeping you in my thoughts - please please take care of you!!



I'm glad you're alright although I'm sorry for you that it was your studio...better that though, than anywhere you and Jimmy were. I've been getting a lot of signs from the universe myself.


oh goodness. that sucks. i'm so sorry. glad to hear you are all okay.


Oh, MY! I'm so glad you weren't hurt. I'm so sorry that happened. Keep your head up, it will be fixed!


good lord!
i am so glad you folks are ok!

these pictures are AMAZING, staci....
i want to place all of them in thick, dark, rustic-like wood frames and put them on my mantel.

i think you need to have an etsy shop.
well, after you have your baby.

thinking of you
with love...

mccabe x


Beautiful photos...and red it will be...maybe taking some photos of the rain will balance the red out a bit? Or talking to little sugar and spice? thinking of you and glad you are ok. xx

Jeff Keith

Beautiful pictures. I am sorry to hear about the deck!

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