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December 04, 2007


Andrea D

This story is so inspiring. I'm so happy you found your soulmate. Its like magic when I read about your love for him. I wish I could have some cookies too.. haha!! I think you are great :)


this picture...this post...your mutual love for each other...just beautiful. it sparkles off the page.


Awwww........what a sweetie pie! Baby D. is lucky to have you BOTH as her parents!!!

Looks like the photo-shoot w/ George went well, too. YAY!! XOXO



This is so beautiful... I'm so glad you found a prince... who else is fitting for such a princess as yourself, yes?

So glad you're craving chocolate... you'll see why soon, heehee -



Kirsten Michelle

what a gorgeous photo!!!
so super sweet, reading about the gentle ways jimmy's taking care of his girls ;-)
the two of you are so deliciously delightful!!!

boho girl

i am tearing up. i love how jimmy loves you in the most perfect ways.

you two were made for one another and your little girl was made for you two.

one big delicious family eating banana date cookies. YUM.

love youz guys.


yum to the cookies and that belly love is awesome!


*tears* ~ that photo of you three is sooo incredibly beautiful!! :) and yummy love and sweet cookies and so much joy and warmth ... i love you! xox


C'mon, Jimmy. You're totally blowing the curve for the rest of us! ;-)


Awwwww, that is so incredibly sweet!! What a guy you have there Stacie!!!! And I had to laugh at Brandon's remarks because Chip would say that same thing! LOL!!

I love that picture of Jimmy kissing your belly too. VERY precious!!!


Brandon, there is NO keeping up with Jimmy, so don't even try!! The man is remarkable! :)

Stacie, as Sue said, your precious little girl is lucky to have you both as parents. But I will say that her daddy will definitely make it hard for the other men in her life when she grows one will ever be as good as her daddy!!

Much love to you both! And BEAUTIFUL picture by the way!!! I wish Will and I would have done pictures like that. You and Jimmy are just too yummy for words!


You three are all kinds of perfect together! x Fiona


What an incredible picture! You will have a beautiful family!!


This is LOVE!


you brought tears to my eyes...thank you for sharing such a special time with all of us...thinking of you often...


how sweet and what a beautiful family filled with so much love......


I had the honor of knowing j! before knowing you and I can attest that the guy is absolutely fabulous. He has been a great friend for many long years.

I am just so happy that the two of you found each other. I can't think of a more perfect couple in the *whole entire world*.

Incredible pic, sister!


tears-at the picture-reading "that" sentence. I feel you baby-the love and glow just bounces out of the computer each time I see a stunning picture of your etheral beauty.

I so want to snuggle into bed and pillows with you and giggle and talk.

You are such a precious delightful soul-I am thrilled Jimmy treats you so well and that your love for eachother continues to blossom.

That little girl is one lucky lady.

I love you sweetness.


Absolute gorgeous photo...and a beautiful baby...just imagine her coming to life!?

Can you please send me your postal address...found something beautiful...and very appropriate for the 3 of you!



Beautiful - the picture, this post, your love for each other - simply beautiful.

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