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December 17, 2007



oh honey ... am so glad it is working out :) this is a fairly familiar sight to me right now as we spent the past week and weekend doing basement renovations, ugh (read tired now) but i now have some beautiful space going on down there and duke has a working music studio and we have a lovely spare bedroom / family room which makes my heart skip a beat and i have a little office space, tee hee ...

when aiden was born we lived in a 1930s walk up close to the university and it was more than fine :)

much love beautiful and happy coffee shop working! xoxoxox love you!!


SOOOO happy the household improvements are working out (finally)! What a nightmare.....that photo makes it look even worse than it sounded!! I hope all goes well & I hope baby Dee keeps kicking her parents around happily. :)

have a great holiday vacation!


everything always works out and it seems as though things are working out just fine for you...girly belly hugs, me


Yay for your silver lining!!


Aren't those tummy kisses the best!? Give her a kiss back for me...

Love you,

boho girl

oh my...look at the craziness! poor kitty in hiding. she'll just get extra lovins...and perhaps some kitty pot would help. ; )

i love that you're getting recycled baby goodies. we actually just purchased a bassinet from a recycled baby store. how's that for manifesting?

i adore the image of you and your man smiling at one another as little shmoops kicks away.



yay for your tummy morning fun before all the craziness of the day...
love to you all


just you can re-do your space with some extra sweet schmoopy touches!xx


Glad to hear that you were able to negotiate with your landlord on the flooring!

And that is wonderful that you are able to get so much of the necessary baby furniture from friends and family!!

How wonderful for Jimmy that he could finally feel her kicking!


This is good news indeed, as your home is your sanctuary, and will soon be so for your little angel girl. While I am not at all happy that your studio flooded or that you now have to endure construction, the end result will be so fantastic! I hope that all goes smoothly. Love you.xoxoxo

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