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January 01, 2008



Wow, girl, big news, big changes!

I wish you only the best in all your endeavors. I know you will be a success, because you deserve it. And I know you will be happy, because you deserve it.

I will remember 2007 fondly because it was the year you became my friend. Here's to many more years!



thank you for sharing your news and lovely thoughts. it was just what i needed to read today. your creativity and bravery is inspiring. i wish all the very best with your delicious new adventures. take care.


Oh this post is so beautiful and cohesive and amazing. What a wonderful mama this baby girl has. And daddy too:)

I absolutely LOVE the new things you plan on doing this year. I think it is fabulous.

You are beauty and love and although I will miss Schmoopy I am going to love reading your new blog and website.

The packaging is terrific. It seems you are on your way.

I got a lot out of the life coaching. I hope you share about your expience as well.

Love you girl.


You are such an inspiration Stacie - congratulations. I look forward to your etsy store (I've always been curious about those pretty salts) and even more so, your new mama blog.

All good things for you and Jimmy and your new bambini. xoxo


BEST of luck, best wishes, good for you and PLEASE, keep us posted so we can find you again on March 1!!!!!!!

LOVE to you.


I am so excited for you and your family - Clover & Sage sounds exciting and beautiful.

I applaud you in following your dream and your heart - your girl is one lucky baby indeed.



:) i love all the positive energy that rests lightly dancing through words here ... i know that you are going to be incredibly successful in your business, your motherhood, your new beautiful life ... i know this because you are one of the most successful human beings i know, if success is judged by the beauty of our souls and the wisdom of our hearts.

your new lens rocks and get better soon love, chicken soup thoughts ... i love you ... xox


WOW! What an incredible post. So inspiring, just what I needed today. These first two days of the new year have been less than magical and full of angst (relationship issues, car problems), and before that with the rush of the holidays, I haven't had a moment to stop and focus on my goals for '08. Feeling behind on the 2nd day of the year is not good. But you, you are kicking ass and taking names and helping me feel like I have some control in all of this and to get into the space where I can harness my energy for good and positive things. I'll follow you wherever you go. Thanks and I'll look forward to all the new and exciting paths that lie ahead of you in '08.


Wowie!! Well, this all sounds like wonderful news & a wonderful new set of adventures for you! BEST of luck, as always -- I know you will succeed at all that you try. Leap away, my fine feathered friend!!!! Not only will you have a net, but a great network of friends that are always here to catch you if you should stumble.

Knowing what your dreams are & being on your way to making them real is a wonderful thing. I still don't know what I wanna be when I grow up.....and at the ripe old age of 40, I had best take some inspiration from you & figure it out soon. ha ha ha!!! LOVE you lots & good luck in all that you do!


Yay! Your artisan salts look gorgeous! I'm so happy for you and cheering you on in your creative endeavors! Your words about ending this blog and starting a new one are words I could have written myself. Those are the same reasons that led me to begin anew with my blogging as well. There is something about becoming a mother that has awakened a new part me. I guess besides birthing our beautiful new babes, we're birthing ourselves as mothers. Best wishes to you. Your daughter is very lucky to have you and Jimmy as parents! Happy 2008!


HOW WONDERFUL! i'm so so happy for you! i completely understand this change for your new chapter, and we'll all be glued to the screen with all your lovely new-nesses!
2008 is really gonna be great!
best wishes!!
ps i hope you are feeling better!!!

amanda lammon

hi love!
i am so so thrilled to hear your news...and all the goodness that this upcoming year is sure to bring you!
soooo proud of you and anticipating your new sites!
sending you so much love and hope you are feeling better!


Oh my goodness, just watch you make magic happen in your life! There is just so much goodness in this post and it makes my heart so incredibly happy for you and your little family unit. This year is going to bring so much beauty into your home. Your daughter, your businesses, the love that you and J share and will share with your care creating the life you want and there is nothing more inspiring to watch than this.

You are amazing dear friend, and I can not wait to see the new chapters of your story matter where you tell that story.

So much love....xoxoxoxo


Oh, Stacie! How exciting! And how gorgeous are those salts!!
When I stopped by here months and months ago and read a little, I kept coming back because I knew I had found someone special. You are special, and I'm so happy to be viewing the next phase!
I can't wait to see your new endeavors, but I will greatly miss your long posts, and I gain a little wisdom from each of them.
I'm looking forward to the new mommie blog, though. I think that's a perfect new start!


i am so excited for your new shop and sweet jane
studio is perfect:)

wishing you a blessed and magical new year with your
little daughter and etsy and new blog!



You constantly amaze and thrill me. I don't think I've ever met such a creative, wonderful, loving person. And I love the way you jump from one endeavor to another, waiting to find your perfect fit. It makes me think of my uncle, who we always jokingly say could never hold down a job for very long, and he's done pretty well, wouldn't you say? I see you achieving all your dreams with Jimmy and beautiful baby d.
Congratulations on the new phase of Clover & Sage!
Love you all so very much,


all big, beautiful, creative, sacred things coming your way.
i can clearly see each one as you describe it.
soooo exciting for you!!!

i believe in you,
and can already see a hint of
sunshine yellow wings (with gold glitter)
behind your back.

i think you just took flight.

dream on,
mccabe x

Kirsten Michelle

i will follow wherever you lead, my beautiful friend.
2008 will be a magnificient year ;-)
hugs and healing...
hope you feel better soon!!!

boho girl

everything about this post gave me goosebumps.

can't wait to see you very soon and experience it all in person.

so much goodness, beautiful and inspiration.

loving you,


It all sounds wonderful and I can't wait to see it all come to fruition. You are a source of love, light and inspiration for many and will no doubt have a most ardent admirer in your little girl.

Dream big dreams and keep your eye on the prize!! Best of luck and lots of love!

P.S. Those salts are GORGEOUS!!


hey schmoops, please keep me posted on your new digs and the debut of hope esperanza de la rosa...looking forward to the next door...xo...

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