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May 20, 2008



I know this has nothing to do with the topic, but I just wanted to say that I liked the photo of the clay pots you used.....Ginger Lounge??

As for your post...having known you for 23+ years, I know that you will never let go of your bloggie sisters & that they are always going to be near & dear to your heart, regardless of the current changes in your life.

HAPPY 8 weeks + 1 day to baby Isabella!! Love you both & hope to see you again soon.


I'm so happy for you and your beautiful girl. I love her name, by the way, and I have always thought I would call my baby girl either Isabella or Grabriela...About your post, I think it is just lovely that you chose the photo "textures" to go with your words... It kept pulling me towards it... And I guess it is because we all have these rough patches but somehow they make for beautiful textures in the landscape of our lives... Beautiful post and image. xxo

boho girl


pink sky

for you...if you wonder if you are making a difference in the world, you touch so many :)


I have to hold my's vibrating with love for you and the beautiful, beautiful words...thank you...
ooeeee!!! my heart is dancing away...looking for little Isabella!
Big hug to the 3 of you xx


How did you know?


Perfect timing, mi Amor...

Love to you and your Baby Bella!



Thank hun. I really needed that right now. Tough times indeed.

Be in LA in less than a month for the UCLA grad!!


What a lovely, gentle way to guide the babylost among us to this site. You are amazing.


thanks, sweetie. I kinda needed that today...

btw, love your new banner


crying, crying, crying.
just what my heart needed.

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