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May 27, 2008



I have always believed in questioning the Doctor.

If you have the slightest feeling or are uncomfortable, you should follow your feelings.

In the case of shots for babies, I applaud your conviction.

Of course you know I do that with life in general!


i agree with your point of view.
i have vaccinated my babies with chagrin, i cringe at the thought and was the pregnant woman who said "NO". but i have.

i did everything late, on my own schedule. my kids did not have their mmr until they could talk, that is the one linked to autism.

i also did not give pnemoccocal which is reletively new and is for meningitis, there are many of types and it helps with only a few.

they do want to give our little 7lb babies way too much in their little bodies.

it's also crazy the hoops you must go through to get your non vaccinated kids in school!

isabella is so beautiful and i am over the moon thrilled for you as i have watched your story unfold. you are blessed!

peace & love~


We went with an alternate schedule, at the recommendation of our pediatrician, not because of concerns about autism, but because he thinks too many simultaneous vaccinations can overwhelm the immune system. I think the most they've had at once is three, and they've been fine.

I don't find the arguments linking vaccinations to autism particularly persuasive, and from a public-health perspective I think I have a responsibility not to contribute to the resurgence of nasty, fatal diseases. I think it's worth considering that the non-immunized children derive a substantial, indirect benefit from all the kids who have gotten their shots because those immunized kids won't be disease vectors.

We haven't done flu shots for the boys, though. Every time they get me sick, I do question that decision!


this is a great post, i totally hear you, and i am a big dr. sears follower. but i choose to go with the vaccination schedule. my interpretation of everything i read was that autism was not linkes to the vaccines, so i felt that the real or larger threat was the potential disease. but i respect your choice, and i am not meaning to say that i disagree with you. rather, i mean to commiserate: yes, this whole parenthood thing is an ongoing series of big questions and leaps of faith. it's awesome!

Andrea D

Hey there, I just wanted to drop you a note to say that I think its really cool that you addressed this topic. So many people are following extremes these days - its nice to hear about someone who is choosing the middle path. I think its unfair that parents often judge other parents - but you are so right - its a personal choice - and a very difficult choice at that. I have no idea what I would do in your shoes - but I think you are doing the right thing! Rock on :) Lovin' your words chickie!


I think it is absolutely fine to go with an alternative schedule and not get all the vaccines at once. I do know that certain vaccines, that have more than one dose need to be taken within a certain time frame of each other to be effective, but if you want to have them done at different times I would think that would be fine too.

The only vaccine that I was hesitant about was the varicella (chicken pox) one because it had just come out, and that was with Cheyenne. I waited until just before she went into kindergarten to give that one to her. (Jordan got it on the normal schedule)

There also has been talk about the Gardisil one, with that one being so new as well. I have had no reservation with this one however, because of the risk of cervical cancer in my family. Cheyenne will have her last round of that one next month.

It DEFINTELY good to read up and educate yourself on everything, so you have knowledge of it all, and okay to question your doctor as well. I believe in a lot of what Dr. Sears has to say.

Jordan is terrified of doctors, however, because of the shots she had when she was a tiny baby (once a month for 8 months), but it was necessary because she was a preemie and the risk of RSV was so high with her having a collapsed lung when she was born. It's just something we deal with...(bribery, etc.)

She is so beautiful!!! I'm hoping to get up there in a couple of weeks to see you!!


I love your pediatrician! I could not agree more with your plan of action with Isabella & vaccines....while I don't have a child, I hear about the scares often & it has been a huge concern when I think of you & other friends who recently had little ones to protect. I am so happy you did all your research & came up with an excellent plan to do the vaccines in installments, which is precisely what I think I would have done had I been in your shoes.

Doctors do NOT "know everything" -- I am a firm believer in researching everything for oneself in conjunction with seeing a doc. Others may not agree, but to each her own!

I love that you did all this for Isabella, even though I did not doubt for one moment that you would just roll-over & NOT look into stuff like this. Not your style. :) I hope Isabella grows up knowing how lucky she is & how much you care for her well-being....and I suspect that she will!

KUDOS to you!!!

On a side note, Isabella is gorgeous & she gets better & better with each passing day & each photo I see. I can't wait to see her again in person -- she's changing SO much! I adore this photo -- she looks so darn a little slice of pretty baby Heaven! XOXO
"Auntie Sueberry"


Oh, and on yet another side an infant of the late 60's myself, during the vaccination process, I suffered a SEVERE reaction to a measles vaccine as a wee-one (requiring a trip to the local ER).

The vaccine had been given to me at a relatively young infant age & thus "expired" by the time I hit 6th grade. The school required that I receive an updated vaccine, but based on my prior history, the doctor chose to NOT give it to me & for years, I had to have a special note on file w/ the schools I attended because I was not "safe" from measles. At any rate, I never contracted the disease, thankfully, all those years I was unprotected.

In my early 20's, there were news stories about a resurgence of the disease, so I made an appt. to see the doc & inquire about maybe getting vaccinated after all. Luckily, science had allegedly improved the vaccine so there would be a low likelihood of me suffering a severe allergic reaction like I had as a baby, so I got the shot & have been protected ever since.

I think vaccines as a whole are good, but I just don't see any reason a tiny baby has to get injected with so many, so early & all at once........I love how you handled this & love that you did this post because I think it's SO important to everyone on this planet!


you are such a good mommy. I know that these decisions can not be easy. I think (not that that matters) that you've made the right decision.

I don't think one thing sets off autism, but vaccines weaken the body when they are given in such large doses, and that can not help matters.

i don't want to debate. Just loving those pictures of that beautiful babe....


And in regards to the question of vaccines being necessary?

In my opinion, as long as there are people (and I'm talking world-wide, not just here in the U.S.) not being vaccinated, I see the necessity of vaccines, in order to protect my child from these life-threateaning diseases.

I would love it if our entire world had access and availability to these vaccines, thus eliminating the need for certain vaccines, but unfortunately that's not the case right now.


I already struggle with this, and I have no immediate plans on having a baby yet. It seems like such a scary decision to have to make, and then there are the legal/school issues surrounding vaccines. Maybe if I keep pondering it, I'll have an idea of tha to do when and if I have a baby.

You are such a loving and rockin' mama!

Juneau Eco Mommie

Hi there,
Ya know I never really questioned vaccines until my son was 1 yr. and needed those 6 or so. He got the scheduled vaccine, then a week later got a terrible case of thrush (like a zillion cold sores in your mouth), then two weeks later got a high fever and had a horrible seizure from it. I am not telling you this to scare you at all. My babe had all his vaccines before his 1 year without any problems. I am a teacher and know how important vaccines can be with all the little germies out there. But I just wanted you to know that it is good to question, do your research and follow your gut! Since then my boy hasn't had as much as a cold and our little family is oh so happy. So just remember the little tip of giving your babe some tylenol before their shot to dull the pain and keep any fever down. Good luck with your little one, I love the pics and am dying to have another :)

boho girl

i trust your gut.
you trust your gut.
cuz your gut is super smart.
(and sexy).


i love you honey.

ps. i wanna smooch her face and plan to very soon.


just follow your heart and spirit. i personally have held off on vaccinations completely until they were on regular food. and even then it's been on my schedule and only the ones i felt were important for my family. you've got mama spirit, you'll know what is best.



thank you for posting this. we are scheduled to go to the pedi today and she wants to give shots. i really appreciate your thoughts on this and the information you linked to. you are a wise & brave mama.


I totally relate to you. My son is 2 weeks older than your daughter. I went through the same thing. Bought the vaccine book by Sears, researched, etc....I cried all the way to the doctors office the day of Solan's vaccines. When I got there the doctor told me I could do what I wanted but he believed in giving all the vaccines at once. My husband told me to do what I felt comfortable. So at that point I listed to my intuition and decided that if my son got real sick with the four that I would modify them the next time around. It's really like playing russian roulette, right? I did delay his hepatitis B. The sears book I have says you can wait til they are 2 and a 1/2. Anyway all I did was pray and try not to be to anxious because I didn't want my son to feel my anxiety. It's a tough call.

I think the vaccination schedule might be a little different here in Illinois than in Calfifornia. I wasn't even offered Roto.

Anyway, thanks for your blog. I relate to so many of your mommy/breastfeeding/ sling experiences and it's nice to know that I'm not alone.



What a great mom you are !! An advocate for your baby...perfectly said !!

I guess I'm glad that my children are now 16 and 20 and all the vaccines they received as babies didn't have the "scare" behind them. It's not been that many years, but yet the word autism didn't even come up as a 'blip' when my babies were babies.

Bless you and all the moms today who are having to face this concern.

I guess the only question I have is how do kids get into school and camps and other activities if they are not vaccinated ?

Good luck with all your decisions and choices and be soooo thankful for a doctor who understands your point of view !!!


First of all, I have to address how totally gorgeous Isabella is in this photograph! She is really the epitome of all that is wholesome, good, sweet, serene and sublime about a baby!

Secondly, I too applaud you for discussing this topic. Particularly since you and I have addressed this topic before. Like you I have read about it at own fear stems from the fact that boys are much more likely to develop autism than girls so that makes the decision all the more scary for us. Add to that the fact that autism is on the rise and that I'm a first time parent and a bit of an alarmist anyway and of course it's going to raise some major red flags for me.

Initially, Daniel had all of his vaccinations at his 2-month doctor's check-up and it was the sheer horror of our little darling getting 5 shots at one time that woke Will and I hope to our own denial of the situation.

I haven't read Dr. Sears book, but I did purchase the Vaccine Guide by Randall Neustaedter, OMD and have found it to very useful as it discusses the benefits and risks of vaccines for children.

Aside from Autism, vaccinces could potentially be linked to other conditions such as allergies-I say potentially because according to Neustaedter, no conclusive studies have been done determine the certainty of these links.

Like you and Jimmy, Will and I are taking them case by case. We have requested and received a history of Wilson's vaccinations from when he was a child and I have researched those vaccines thus far and Daniel will receive those, but we will hold off on the MMR until he is over 2 years of age and his immune system is more fully developed.

I think it's important that all parents discuss this with their pediatrician and feel comfortable with what their pediatrician has to say...Ours has been less than thrilled with our decision, and has reluctantly honored our wishes.

However, his less than compassionate attitude with regard to this issue has me on the lookout for a new pediatrician that will hopefully see our concern for what it is and not view it as a criticism of their profession or a personal insult.

As I have said on many occasions when it relates to this topic or any other that affects the well-being of my son; I am putting all my eggs in this one basket. At the end of the day, he is OUR child and WE ARE responsible for him; no one else is. As his parents, Will and I have accepted the responsibility of doing the very best we can for him and if that ruffles a few feathers than so be it. As Will so eloquently puts it, "they can take it and shake it; no one is screwing with our son."

Personally, I think NOT questioning your pediatrician about a shot or anything else that you have to sign a waiver for releasing them of any responsibility is worse than alternating your child's vaccine schedule. If we don't look out for our children's best interests than who will?

Obviously I have a lot to say on this topic...thank you for letting me say it.


Beth ~

vaccines are not mandatory, although many would have you believe that they are. from what i understand, parents of children who haven't had their vaccinations need to sign a waiver stating so before the attend school, etc. perhaps someone out there who knows firsthand can leave a comment letting us know for sure.

thank you to everyone for their emails and comments. this has been really eye-opening and educational.



Beth ~

After reading about your question, the answer is it depends on the state. Some states, California for example, are more lenient whereas other states are not as such. Mississippi and West Virginia require all children to be vaccinated by law.



At the end of the day you are the mommy.
You hear everything.
You listen to everyone.
You think about both.
You do what you think is best for her....
I would say she will be able to thrive on 'wishes' :-) xx


very wise my love. What a lucky girl you have.

I just decided against getting the Hep A for my son.

It is each persons choice but I get it.

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