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May 25, 2008



That post is lovely. I am also trying to train myself to tell stories and write down conversations... A practice I've never had... Thanks for the link! xo


i just found her the other day. I read for over an hour. Can't remember how I stumbled on her, but it was a gift.
I could do with a little less guilt in my life. LOL


boho girl

totally inspiring.
she's amazing.
thanks for sharing...xoxo


LOVE orchids! Beautiful photo!! Kudos to Jimmy on growing them because I can't seem to ever get mine to bloom a second time. XOXO


thank you for sending me to Brene Brown's blog....and what a beautiful little girl you have...congrats.


'stop creating start discovering"

all I needed to hear today.

love you...and a kiss for Isabella
in the little space behind her ear..
in her neck...where it tickles :-) xx

Eileen Weigand

Now I have yet another blog I adore- she's inspiring! Thanks for posting this. Oh, and the orchid is absolutely gorgeous!!

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