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May 24, 2008


Eileen Weigand

Yay! You have conquered the sling- I would totally have the same concerns which is what makes you a great mama!! I'm glad you can be the earth mama you envisioned with your sweet smiling girl.

jessica are so blessed and so is to you, me


o that smile...

what a beautiful letter to your beautiful daughter!


Happy 2 months old Isabella! She is getting so big so fast!

What a wonderful letter to her and how wonderful that she got to meet more of her wonderful family!!

I'm so glad you were able to get the sling figured out and that it works so well for you. Such a precious wonderful time this is for both of you!


I can really see her Grandma de la Rosa in her.


oh...sweetness all over! And TWO hands free = magic! :-)

Such a beauty...the smile stretch miles and miles across the waters into my heart as lucky are we to share some of Isabella's life...thank you beautiful you xx


:) sigh ... this post makes me smile and smile ... xox


yay for aunty boho!

yay for the sling.

yay for the magic of a smiling baby.





when the tribe steps in to take over for a tired, overwhelmed mama it is one of the most loved feelings in the world...not sure if that makes sense but it's early in the morn here for me still...her smiles, family and friends, her mama and papa...wonderful blessings...


Aaah, the wonders of the Moby! Liam lived in his his second month as well. What a beautifully, healthy growing girl. Good job mamma!

boho girl

oh how my heart warmed throughout this entire letter to Bella Wish.

her smiles make me melty.

so, so, so glad the wrap/sling is comforting to you both. she looks so darn cute nuzzled against you wrapped in that pretty green.

love youz. xo


Isabella is so beautiful. She is adorable. Glad the wrap-sling worked out this is too painful when a baby cries with colics. Isabella's smilling is magical.
Take care.

Aunt Denise

Thank you for your wonderful letters.
Because we live far away from you all and can't see you very often, I eagerly read your blog almost daily, hoping for more pictures.
Stacie, she is a gorgeous little one and the pictures you have posted are magical. I especially like the one picture at the top of the blog. Her sweet, contented smile is pure sunshine. What a joy and a gift.
Can't wait to see you all in less than six weeks!!!


This is so beautifully written and the photos are gorgeous. Your Isabella is the cutest little girl and your blog is such a treasure and inspiration!


sunshine sparkle toes....


big sigh...



Oh my! Now I feel foolish since I wished her a Happy 3-month Birthday" the other day! Sorry! I didn't mean to rush her growth! They are so completely adorable when they are that young!! Well, they're always adorable to be honest. :)

I'm glad you found a solution to her colic! She looks as happy as a clam in that thing and while I can't see your beautiful face, I'm sure it's just as happy and as radiant as the last time I saw you.

I love you sweetie and I am so happy that you are enjoying motherhood as much as you are. I find that Daniel teaches me the same things that Isabella has taught you although I doubt that I am as cooperative a student as you are!

Much love to you all,


what a lovely letter for your lovely girl

if only i could figure out my moby sling. i have one from lucky baby, but can't get the wee girl in it on my own just yet. i'm so glad this is working for you.

happy two months, bella. happy two months, mama.


What a gorgeous tribute to baby Isabella & gorgeous photos to match! SO happy the sling is no longer an item to be feared & you regain the use of both hands a bit more. :) She's changing SO much just since I last saw's almost surreal. And, I just love her little baby smiles pictured above, so I bet they are even better in person. HAPPY 2 MONTHS to baby Isabella!!! Happy 2 months to the entire DeLaRosa clan! It appears that parenthood suits you well.

Miss you guys & hope to see you all SOON. XOXO "Auntie Sueberry"


what a love muffin!!!!
she is sooooo beautiful!!!!


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