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June 02, 2008



R needed swaddling, much more than G ever did, but he was (is) a relentless squirmer. As he got stronger and more coordinated, he could eventually wriggle his way out of even the most industrial-strength swaddle. The solution I came up with was to cut off the sleeves of one of my long-sleeve tees. We'd swaddle him in his blanket, then put him in the sleeve. The sleeve/tube kept the blanket from loosening up, and it worked like a charm. We even took one to his daycare for her to use.

Thankfully, he's grown out of this, and is a fantastic sleeper. Out of necessity more than choice, R's bedtime ritual is closer to what I wanted—hug, kiss, put him in the crib. He goes right to sleep. G still needs at least 20 minutes of ceremony before he's ready to sack out, and it really cuts into the only time J and I get to spend together.


I cannot comment on most of this stuff not having any wee-ones of my own, but I literally MELTED when I saw these new photos of baby Isabella, so I had to post on that......I can't get over how much she changes & so quickly. Wow. She's truly gorgeous, Stacie. XOXO
Auntie Sueberry


How funny - I was just putting together a similar post today. :-)

I'm sorry you've been disappointed with the 7th gen. I've actually been really pleased with them so far. We are using a mix of those and a diaper service (gift from my MIL).

I've heard great things about the g diapers. Unfortunately, they just didn't fit in our budget. They would definitely be my first choice to try though.



How wonderful for you that you have been able to find so many things that have helped you!!! One of the things that helped me when Jordan was about 5 months old or so, was the Exersaucer.

I loved my Boppy, but I love that My Breast Friend too! That looks neat!

Isabella looks so precious in that fabulous swing!!


The papasan swing is THE best! I also really liked the Breast Friend, so I'm glad that it's working for you as well.

Swaddling for us in the beginning was KEY with Daniel. If we could swaddle now we would since he fights going to sleep every night...something I have to research.

Anyway, thanks for the tip on the Nosefrida. Daniel isn't found of "the bulb" either, so I plan on giving this one a try!

Oh and the Beba Au Lait covers are ADORABLE!! I thought about getting one of those myself but never did.

Bella is stunning Stacie, she is really quite adorable. Please give her a kiss on each cheek for me until I can see her again and do it myself in person.

Oh and one other thing that has worked for a few of the mothers that I know is the lullaby CD, A Child's Gift of Music. Daniel LOVES this CD and has been listening to it since he was born. 10-months on and he STILL loves it and immediately relaxes when he hears it. It has some religious undertones, so that may be a deal-breaker for some, but I know a handful of mothers, like myself, who received it as a gift and swear by it. He has several lullabye CD's including one of the Rockabye one's but he loves this one the best.


Thanks for the great information. Your little girl is just beautiful.


giggle - I have nothing to add - YET - when I am there I hope you will remember all of this good advice and remind me where it is - your girl is just so beautiful! I'm so happy for you!!!!


P.S. sorry I've been away for so long!


Yay! for experienced mommies...
Yay! for things that actually work...
Yay! for making things easier...
Yay! for help!
and all the 'lovin'! xx

PS: and that cutie pie at the top - adorable! xx


She's just so lovely - I love the socks on her hands :)

I know whatever works is whatever works & that varies from baby to baby, but its nice to read your experiences with different things.


even though i'm long past the need for these delicious baby items, i still love to read about all the fantastic products they've come up with since my girl was a teeny.
i can live vicariously through you. (=


i luff the miracle blanket. i swaddled my 2nd and 3rd babies with regular blankets only to have them outgrow and outsquirm them at a very young age. my TEN month old recently decided that she was done with her miracle blanket, but we used it every night up to that point and she started sleeping THROUGH the night at two months old. it literally saved my life.

for baby bath time i really love using lavender oil mixed with sea salts.

i really love the nursing camisole's they have at this store: they really made nursing discreet, even though my babies refused to nurse under a hooter hider or blanket.

she is so beautiful. you are a super mama, keep reminding yourself of this.


she is soooooo gorgeous. Wow. No wonder with such a beautiful mama.

This is a great list love.


kelly baby is now 14 and wearing bikinis! i think if i had a product called
hooterhyders, i would have done better with
breast feeding. i am loving your list!
so many great products for mommies.

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