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June 09, 2008



:) sounds like fun, hmmmm ... magical sleeping potion, tee hee


Adorable photo! I was wondering how she did at the park, but I see she did just fine....since she slept all day! ha ha ha!! But, I bet YOU enjoyed getting out of the house for a bit. :) XOXO


I loved this stage with both boys, but it came with a fringe benefit with Gabriel: Dining out. For the first three months, he would sleep through anything and at all times, so we would take him in his infant seat to all of our favorite restaurants. I don't know if you've been hipped to this yet, but the standard wooden high chairs at most restaurants can be flipped upside down and the infant seat fits perfectly in them.

I hope you're taking advantage of this time to eat out as much as possible. Once she wakes up, a night out will require a babysitter.

Hope you all are well. We're trying to figure out when we can get to LA. We haven't been in so long, and now we have this new friend to meet!


oooh, i just want to squish her and smooch her!!

Love love, disney. Little girls deserve to be princesses, fairy's, mermaids, and whatever else their little bitty hearts desire. :)


LOVE this picture

and LOVE ma' guurrrllll


megan ~

i absolutely agree. the last sentence of my post was written in fun. this little girl has me wrapped around her finger and if she chooses disney princesses in a couple years, i will be the first in line to get her very own princess costume. funny thing is when i was telling her about princesses and fairies, she started laughing and smiling... we shall see...



Awwww, what a beautiful picture!!! She is so adorable!!

We JUST missed each other then up there! We were up there for a softball tournament and left Sunday morning.

How fun for the 3 of you!!!

boho girl

oh my goodness...

too much cuteness to be had. i want to reach over and smooch her cheekies.

funny that Disney is a drug for babies.
hee hee.


OMG this picture is just beautiful.
Should really go to Disneyland once, maybe it will help me sleep as well, 1.30am and still wide awake...but happy to stumble on this blogpost!

xo silvia


But...isn't that the Sleeping Princess?! I'm sure I've seen her before! She is just doing her name justice...elegantly...

and Daddy's shoulders' place like that! xx


It truly is the Happiest Place on Earth, but then again I think anywhere with your child now qualifies as such.

So, did you like the ride? Do you think it will fit in with the planned overhaul of DCA, not that I'm a Churro Addict at all who lives vicariously through people who live much closer ;)


What a cute photo! I can't wait to see the Toy Story ride for myself. Daniel and I were just there yesterday! Disneyland is one of the places were Daniel refuses to sleep! He slept most of the day when we went the first time...I think he was about 4 months old. Now we go about every other week or so and he will stay awake no matter how tired he is. :)

I've always loved it there and I love it there even more now that I have my own little one to share it with. I'm sure you and Jimmy feel the same way. As Will said to me the first time we took Daniel, "Well, it's come full circle now; our parents brought us here and now we're bringing our own child here." Such fun! ENJOY!!


Eileen Weigand

So funny- that what's this stuff in Winnie's hunny pot- so true!! Disneyland just wore her out, huh? lol I do hope she snoozes through the princess part- maybe animals/ nature will be her thing. :)

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