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June 24, 2008


boho girl

oh my auntie boho enjoyed all these photos of her cuteness.

you sound truly deeply happy honey and this makes my heart swell.

so much love here that i can reach out and touch it.



simply beautiful. i always look forward to your letters to bella. they make my heart swell and my tears flow.

this is such a magical time, no?


oh my goodness her cuteness brings tears to my eyes.

What a sweet baby and mama.

love you


What a beautiful letter. My favorite bit is where she sleeps all those hours, of course. So happy for you. xoxox


Oh, Stacie....I love all her cutie photos!

HAPPY 3 MONTHS Isabella!!! Your momma, your daddy & all your "aunties" love you lots. It was fun spending time with you recently since I got to see all the giggling up close & personal. Momma was right about the mirror, thing, too. I don't blame you -- you have such a precious face so I can totally understand why you would enjoy staring at it in the mirror. :) Love you lots!

Big hugs to Momma & baby! XOXO


beautiful. congrats! i am so happy for you that you are getting sleep! it is a revolution!!!!!

Great Auntie Denise

Oh, Isabella,

What a precious little one you are!
All your family up here in No. CA can't wait to see you and hold you! Know that we love you so much and love your mommy for letting us stay close to you through her writings.
See you in a few days!


:) so much beauty and gentleness and love ...


OMG! How yummy is your "organic baby"?!!! Stacie that daughter of yours gets cuter and cuter with every photograph! She is such a delicious joy to behold.

I'm happy for you both that you she is sleeping in longer stretches and that she is now enjoying bathtime. I'm only saddened by the fact that I haven't been able to spend much quality time with her myself. She's growing so fast and I'm missing out on so much! :(

My thoughts will be with you next week as I dread the moment I have to face the same reality. Thank goodness that she will be in such loving, capable hands. Happily, it's only one week and soon you two will be back to your happy routine. We love you all and couldn't be happier for you!

Hope to see you very soon. Much love always,
"Auntie Di"


I'm still lurking out here - LOVE hearing stories of bella and can't wait to see her (and you and Jimmy) again v. soon. Your stories make me feel like things are right with the world and am savoring it. xoxoxo kb.


dude you are an amazing photographer stacie-these pictures are to die for! of course your subject is mighty darn cute. she melts me. *sigh*

one of my goals this summer is to come visit you all for an afternoon and cuddle bella. :)

these letters are lovely, so lovely.

auntie mcmermie


sweet sweet letter to your daughter...and in that last picture --- she is "you".


those little sausage legs...oh my goodness...she is so angel from above...big hugs to you, me


What wonderful letters you are writing to Isabella!

I'm hoping to get up there soon to see you!!


Baby Bella (AKA: Sunshine Sparkle Toes) -

Thank you so much for letting me spend some time with your Momma this week. She missed you so much every second that you were apart. You are a sweet little cosita and I am so happy I had a chance to hold you and smell you and see you smile.

You are so loved.

Auntie Suzanne


had to come back to see how your wee one was going. what a little bundle of love and cuter than ever.


beautiful beautiful bella...


you warm my heart my dear

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