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July 10, 2008



Aloha is now one of my favorite words :)

Beautiful photos, my sweet.

Glad to know that you had a good fill of family love.


what lovely photos and what a lovely family you have, full of smiles and warmth :)

babies really do change everything ~ yes yes they do :) enjoy ... xo


What a beautiful family! Your pictures are swelling with love...

I understand what you mean about providing something different. In many ways I thought of myself as an only child, my brother didn't come along until I was ten. I am now married to a man and his ten year old daughter is with us full time, I am mom (there's nothing "step" about my relationship with her, it's a beautiful thing). For many years we tried to conceive to provide her the sibling life he grew up with (he's one of four boys) but to no avail. I hate to say that I've given up hope on providing her a sibling but reality has started to set in on that reality that it might not happen. I'm rambling...but essentially I know where you are coming from. Keep an open heart and mind, things will fall into place.


i understand where you are coming from... we moved from southern CA to juneau AK. For the trees, nature, open-mindedness, and lots of adventure. Don't feel bad, everyone has theire fill of L.A. after a while. Go north, no regrets!


What a wonderful time you and your family had! Gorgeous pictures!



was beautiful.

I understand the draw toward your family, and I'm sending you warm wishes for a cozy schmoopy pad in the woods. :)


Wonderful photos (as always)! I would hate for you guys to move far away, but I can totally understand the desires & wishes you have for your daughter. You guys have tons of "family" here in LA, but it's not quite the same.....I won't ever fully understand that, but maybe that's 'cuz much of my family is plum loco and I TRY to keep distance, not shorten it! ha ha!!! You are truly blessed to have so many wonderful family members, near or far.

I know someday, the rest of your dreams will come true, much as your dream to become Bella's momma did. :)

See you later for our monthly Gelato run! XOXO


Another lovely post. Yes, babies do change everything; big and small and as you said all for the best. Like Sue, I would hate it if you moved far away, but doing what is in the best interest of your family is always most important.

I have no doubt that it will all work out just the way you and Jimmy want it.


Great pictures and great family you have!
I understand your feelings ( live closer to the family), our entire French Family lives in France so this is hard being separated from everyone. LA Vs a different environment. Same thing we left NYC for San Diego then Temecula So-cal... I went back to see my girlfriend in NYC last year and I could not imagine myself living there with my kids... do not worry things happen when not expected.. and this is the beauty of it...but it looks like you want to settle down a little bit...this is normal with a baby you life change and you change too.

Aunt Janie

Dearest Stacie,
How incredible of you to share your family love. You, Jimmy, and Bella are so unique, and so full of love. We are all so connected as part and because of that love. Stacie you truly have a wonderful gift of sharing all of your thoughts and ideas, so beautifully expressed, I love you so!
Aunt Janie

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