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July 01, 2008


boho girl


oh what a truly beautiful photo of jimmzy gazing at his sweet daughter. swoon.

happy birthday schmoopy boy! i know your greatest gift has been the blossoming of your new beautiful family. i'm so, so happy for you guys.

it's funny how many Cancers i have in my life. Virgo's and Cancers are super compatible.

next year we should plan a huge bday bash for you, Carsten and Schmoops!

love you three.


Happy Birthday Jimmy!!!

Oh, what a wonderful father he is! I knew he would be though.

And how lucky and blessed you and Isabella are to have him in your life!

Much love!!!


how absolutely moving this is
your words brought me to tears
what a beautiful little family you have
and how very lucky your little one is
to know such a remarkable father


ps i know you dont know me
but youre in one of my friends friends lists


Well, I was holding back my tears but they've escaped my eyes and are sneaking down my cheeks towards the huge smile I am wearing. What a beautiful post, S. Thank you for putting it into the world. Happy day to Jimmy, happy day today to you, and happy everyday to Isabella. xoxoxo


You just about brought the cold-hearted Sueberry to tears with this one! Wow......what a touching tribute not just to our b-day boy, Jimmy, but to his beautiful daughter, as well. Happy Birthday to you both! You are a LUCKY FAMILY! XOXO


If there was ever a picture of love, this would be it.


woo baby -- my lovely daughter just turned 19 -- i love the birthday "july 1st in the summertime" as she used to tell people when she was little -- picked strawberries the day she was born, went to work at 3p, got wheeled off my unit (intensive care/trauma) at 730p when my water broke and voila, a little mollster at 848p -- her 5 yo bro was there and was thrilled to have a baby sister -- happy birthday to jimmy too!


That picture of Jimmy with Isabella really is worth a thousand words isn't it? If you brought tears to Sue's eyes you can imagine what you did to me! :) He IS a remarkable man and such a remarkable husband. It would only stand to reason that he would be a remarkable father as well.

I think we learn a lot our husbands when they become fathers...Will is so in love with his son that I can't help but love him even more as a result.

Unlike you and Jimmy, we aren't as laid back so we have our moments when tempers flair, but every time I get cross with Daniel and his daddy comes to his rescue it secretly makes my heart melt that he can't bear to have me use a harsh tone with our son. He has really come into his own as a person because of Daniel. Jimmy was already so evolved and darn near perfect in every possible way that I can only imagine he is now simply perfect!

Thank goodness for him, thank goodness for you and thank goodness for that darling little girl who has brought you two so much joy and happiness. May the good times continue!

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