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July 25, 2008



Most definitely share what you learned through your experiences. Most of the incredible and helpful info I've received to help Kaitlyn has come from parents of disabled kids, not the docs and trained professionals. I truly believe the people who live it, whether it be GD or CP or any other issue, have the most helpful information.
Love you!


YAY for you! Not only did you get a gorgeous and beautiful soul as a result of your pregnacy, but you also received the wisdom of treating your body the right way! I am most interested in reading more about your experience - I am not a big fan of e-books per se, maybe you could consider a different way of communicating - perhaps another blog specific to this particular journey, updating it as you have time. Just a thought. I like to read a bit at a time and absorb (especially when it comes to a lifestyle change), for instance, a new tip or recipe a day. Whatever you do will be lovely. Congratulations again :)

boho girl

Hello Sexy. ; )

I think a blog is a FABULOUS idea!!!! It could get your juices flowing for a book.

I've tried on your lifestyle change for two days and I've lost two pounds and have slept like a baby and my bloating has gone down. Coolness!

Kapha sisters unite.
xoxo love you.


I would love to read about how you did it! :)


wow wow wow.
you bring a whole new meaning to the slang
hot mama. :)

i like that your body is merely a result
of changing your health habits for bella.
emotional weight is very real and i understand that.

i am not trying to lose weight but i AM
trying to make some healthy changes.
being a modest cook myself i would enjoy your
favorite recipes online. great idea!

with love
mccabe x


Yes! As a post menopausal woman I could use a few pointers. The body has a tendency to "thicken" during the process, so I am sure eating in a new fashion could help with that weight gain as well.

I am sure it is all connected!

Love :)


Whoa! Stacie you look amazing! You're the kind of mom that I look at with envy when I'm out walking Daniel. And that isn't to make you feel bad or guilty, you know me well enough to know that that is the highest form of compliment I could give you!

As someone who has ALWAYS struggled with their weight and who has spent a lifetime trying to figure it all out I would welcome, in fact celebrate ANY wisdom you could offer the rest of us post-pregnancy moms that could use an education on how to eat better for ourselves and in turn pass that knowledge onto our children.

I desperately want Daniel to eat the right way and not have to worry about his weight they way I have my entire life. I think what you're thinking of doing is great.

And you should DEFINITELY celebrate your new body; I would!! Hell if I looked as good as you do, I'd be photographing myself EVERYDAY!!!

Lots of love to you, Bella & Jimmy!


Yes, I would be interested in reading this! Looking to be pregnant in the near-ish future and would like to get my body as healthy as possible (which it is not right now) before I start to try.

erin s

Oh yes! I just had GD with my first babe and went through the same healthy eating process. I ended up weighing less when I gave birth than I did when I got pregnant. Unfortunately, I carried my "bring me cookies in the hospital" philosophy a little too far and put on lots of baby weight ... only in my case it was AFTER the little man was born. I'd love to hear your experience and celebrate your success.


I had my baby May 2, 2008- 2 weeeks past due- I gained 52 pounds. 32 dropped right off. I am still working on 20 more!
(i'm 5' 3) Truthfully, I am not as concerned about my weight as I used to be. I'm not sure if it's because i'm 40 or because all my focus is on the baby.


YES!!! I would love to read what you did!

I believe that you can receive much better information by learning what real people have done to achieve their goals and not what one Dr. says is the cookie cutter way for all people.

I've put on a great deal of emotional weight since my battle with motherhood started and I'm ready to let it all go, especially the weight. We've decided to adopt and I really want to feel better about my health before I put that out there.

I'm very scared of developing diabetes, and what's really bad is I know a LOT about how to eat correctly. My sister is a nutritionist and has taught the Zone with her own modifications for years, my mom has owned a health food store for 18 years and I think I've read every book there is. But for the past 3 years I can't make myself listen. I need to look at it differently and from a new perspective.

I would love to read yours...

you do look hot by the way. :) woo hoo!!


Hi Gorgeous!
Of course we would love to hear all your little secrets! Who would not want to look like or before Bella?! You are gorgeous..from top to toe...

Serious.. yes. Do it. CAnnot wait to hear more!

mmmmm..just hug yourself and go out and buy that sexy little dress!xx


I would love the tips. I'm trying to eat better, but I still find myself practically starving throughout the day only to gorge at night.

Aunt Denise

Great idea, Stacie! You looked fabulous at the wedding, by the I know why!
I think your body has reconfigured itself with your healthy eating, and you're right where you're supposed to be.
Please post some recipes, etc. It would help alot of people, young and old!

Love you!


I think it would be great if you put an e-book together! I'm at a point in my life right now where I'm trying to figure out the best way for me to eat healthy and to do what's good for my body. Not necessarily because I want to be at a certain weight or wear a certain size but because I want to be at peace with my body and just feel good.

So please write more on this topic!


I would absolutely be interested! Type 2 diabetes runs in my family, so any help on eating right would be greatly appreciated!

Eileen Weigand

Hi Schmoopy!

As a "diabetic," actually pre- diabetic- I take the strongest pills out there- I would be interested in your gd plan. I eat every two hours or so too, but may need to up the protein a bit. I currently weigh around 157 at 5'6" and would love to drop more weight. I'm not sure if it- the beetus- would go away- my doctor notes how mine is more genetic than anything else, but I'm after whatever knowledge I can gain that would help. I run about 5 days a week too for sanity as well as health. :)
You look fab!!!
:D Eileen

Andrea D

YES! I would definately read what you have to say. You should feel proud of the way you look. You are an excellent writer and I would love to read anything you write!



Yes, I would love to read your e-book on the subject. I am interested for preventative,to lose a few pounds,and because I have a friend who is diabetic. Please let us know if and when and when your e-book is available. By the way you look fabulous!


Well, I already knew you looked fabulous, but I am more happy to hear you FEEL fabulous!

While I am not pregnant & never have been, I think writing about GD is a wonderful idea!! I don't think there is enough info out there on the subject & like you, I suspect more women suffer from it & just don't know it. I don't think there is ever enough out there about truly eating healthy during pregnancy -- for centuries, women were allowed (& encouraged) to indulge, eating for 2, etc.....but that does not mean a woman should not eat RIGHT for 2. I think your idea is great & that many women could benefit if you put it out there. :)

And, if I ever opt to have a baby, I know I would totally wanna be on the "momma de la rosa diet plan" -- because having babies makes you skinny! ha ha ha!!! You look great & it shows! XOXO


I think this is great info for anyone just wanting a healthy lifestyle change. Even more so for someone looking to heal things such as GD. I had fibromialgia for years and with no help from over-medicated meds and doctors reluctant to help, I helped myself. I did all research I could find and I found that the way you eat can heal so many things. I now too eat many organics and avoide corn syrup and things like that in anything, we always make fresh food at home and exercise regulary even if it's just a walk after dinner. It has healed me so much!I also had my fiance massage me with lavender oil every night to get rid of the back pain, looking at natural healing can really make a difference, I believe people just need to think about it and do their research.

Thanks for sharing your story!


I'm so happy for you. I love that the focus of this post is about the way you feel and about your health rather than about looking a particular way. I would read anything you write. :-) But seriously, I think this would be an excellent resource. I think starting a blog on this would be a great way to go. You are amazing. xoxo


That's fabulous that you feel and look fabulous!! Congrats!

I'd love to hear of some recipes!


i'd be interested--even tho i don't have gd i struggle with healthy eating--both before i found out i was pregnant and now...

Aunt Janie

It is so important to be healthy: physically, mentally, and spiritually. I believe that what you have to offer, can help anyone who is open, to achieve their goals of health, whatever they may be. I don't know if you knew this, but my grandmother, and mother were borderline diabetics, and took medication. My mother's sister died of diabetes. It is nasty.
I encourage you to continue to pass on any and all of the information you have discovered and learned. It would benefit everyone. By the way, you look awesome !!!
Keep strong for Bella, Jimmy, and those you love and love you!


It would be great to read some of your tips and recipes. I wasn't diagnosed with GD but my daughter was nearly 10lb and I'm convinced I had it and I'm now starting to realise I may be at risk long term. You look fab by the way! :)


I am one of those women who went undiagnosed and it's been playing on my mind recently with a few health problems I've been experiencing. Thank you for this post, you have made me realise I need to re-evaluate my eating...and of course any tips and recipes would be great. You look fab by the way :).


I'm all over it!
I would LOVE to hear more details. I struggle and then struggle some more, sometimes with food and sometimes with exercise. Some days are good, some are bad but examples such as yourself are a valuable motivation for me.


I'm a Kapha too. What are you doing exactly? My Uncle was just diagnosed with diabetes. I seem fine now, but I don't want to wake and find myself there.

boho girl

i keep coming over here to look at these photos of you.

i guess that makes me a stalker.
or a perve.
or a lezbo.
or just one of your BFF's that misses you.



i hate to be the sour note, but i think this whole post is annoying. you look great, and, really, good for you and congrats, but, um...the small, healthy meal thing is OLD news. it certainly doesn't need any more documentation. sure, maybe something about gd, specifically, would satisfy a need, but the rest of it is dated and relies on some unfair assumptions. also, i think you forget very quickly what you said in the beginning -- all pregnancies are different. furthermore, i think a "non doctor's view" of things like metabolism is dangerous and misleading. again: every pregnancy and post pregnancy is different. just my opinion, obviously.


nice! what an unusul post-baby bonus. you look great -- congratulations!

andrea scher

you're lookin hot girl!

and I love that you are offering up this information!

boho girl

i know we're all entitled to our opinions but Danika could have been a lot more gentle with hers.

honey, the one you need to be listening to is YOU...your heart, your gut, your inspiration, your inner voice.

its very powerful and we can feel it all from here. i'm so excited to see this journey unfold for you.

love you.


An e-book would be a great idea! I am overweight and have trouble sticking with a diet and exercise program so I would love to hear the details of your program.


I would love to hear more of your journey. I am knowing that it's time to explore healthy eating habits in a focused way. Please share!


i think that GD is such a misunderstood and misrepresented thing, it would be great if people had a source to look to on it.


you look amazing. and even better, you feel amazing.


I'm definitely interested in what you have to say; in particular I wonder about whether or not you had hunger pangs? I've read that it's healthier to eat the several smaller meals, but I've tried it and it never worked for me because I was hungry ALL of the time, and I hated that constant feeling of being hungry. Did you start out that way, and then adjust? Or did it feel very natural to you?


Great Post!Thank you for sharing your journey with us. As you said db has been an issue in this country and this is a wonderful thing to watch what you put in your mouth and beeing concern about your health. Walking everything is also great and everybody should do it!
I am amazed to see how much weight you lost after your pregancy, because when I look around I see most other "mothers" most of the time overweight and eating huge hambugers with their kids at any time of the day.
I do not know about 5 small meals/ a day.
.As a French woman and for generations we have been eating 1 breakfast, 1 good size lunch, 4-heure ( tea time- snack time )and 1 dinner. No snacks, nothing between meals. My kids are almost 4 years and they are on the same path. At each visit to their Pediatric doctor said that they are perfect and healthy!
I whish more mothers beeing aware of their health and their family's health... when I see what their put in the cart when grocery shopping I feel sorry for them!


*Thank you everyone for your comments on my last post. Wow, I really appreciate the support. I will definitely be sharing my story, coupled with exactly how I ate and will announce how, and when, i plan to get it out in the world in a way that feels right for me and makes sense.

I have written to some of you and will continue to do so to answer your specific questions and comments.

thank you again!



I'm just now reading your stories..and enjoying them by the way..

Yes, Yes, Yes.. I absolutely think you should write about this. The body has an amazing way of healing itself when we do the right things..and eat the right things..


i keep thinking about this post (a bit shocked to find it was almost a year ago!!). are you still willing to share this story? xo


I think you have a thorough understanding in this matter. You describe in detail all here.


I think you are not quite right and you should still studying the matter.


You write well will be waiting for your new publications.


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