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August 05, 2008



I have read your blog for a few months now...good luck with your future endeavors...your child clearly has a wonderful mother behind her always.


congratulations and best wishes for your sweet family of three. i smiled big - your girl is delicious.

i love how blogging has come full circle for you, i started on dooce also.

and your photo blog is lovely - i look forward to following you there.

Carnell Maynard

It probably is time for you to move on. Why do we hesitate to execute? Who knows, but this quote may shed a little light.

What is your Deepest Fear?
Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, but that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us.....You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world....We were born to make manifest the glory of God within is in everyone. And, as we let our own light shine, we consciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our fear, our presence automatically liberates others. by Marianne Williams.

On you Rebel XTI, you should look into the Cannon 10-20mm, or the sigma 10-20mm close up lens. It will capture all the photos you want with precise and perfect detail. Costly, but the dividends will quickly surpass the cost.

As you continue to be liberated, I see you and your guy on motorcycles, cruising the pacific coast highway. Find a Motorcycle safety couse. Talk about liberating.

Good luck and god speed on your new journey.


thank you so much for all the wise and lovely words you have shared here. your stories have provided food for thought and for the soul. i look forward to following your adventures in a different form. take care.


ahhhh isn't that post on Christines blog perfect?

Oh love you do write so very well about youyr journey and coming full circle. It just makes me grin ear to ear and do a wiggle and a shake in my seat with excitement of all this wonderous energy I am feeling from this post.

I too have been wondering how my blog fits into shifts I am sharing this helps me gain better perspective.

Love you girl-and wow your two loves are absolutely gorgeous-just like you


Maybe I'm wrong, but I suspect that children are more likely to thank their parents for showing them that nothing is impossible and that dreams should be pursued than they are to thank them for providing for every material want. Since my boys came into my life, I'm more determined than ever to live my life to the fullest, do all the things I've wanted to do. I think one of the greatest gifts you can give your children is to show them how you live your dreams instead of telling them to live theirs.

Congratulations on making the leap. Best of luck!


wow.....this is a lot to take in & your schmoopy pages will certainly be missed, however, I will certainly tune in to your photo blog! You have always been an inspiration to many & certainly, you are for your daughter!! I wish you nothing but wonderful things in life. You are theeee calmest new mom I have ever seen. You make it seem almost effortless, while I am sure it's so not the case.

Isabella is gorgeous, as are her parents (inside & out). She is a very lucky little girl & I know you will be a great success!! Best of luck to you in all of your new ventures & ADventures. I am always here for support, should you need it.

I don't know what more I can say.....YOU GO GIRL! :) XOXO


Stacie - I KNOW you will be amazing on this next step in your journey. Thank you for sharing all that you have on your blog. I am so happy for you and Jimmy -- Bella is absolutely beautiful inside and out (how could she not be with you two). Congrats and huge hugs.


can't wait to keep following your life in pictures :)

boho girl

loved every bit of this.
i have butterflies in my belly for you.
so thrilling, honey.



You, Boho Girl, and Dancing Mermaid are among the bloggers who I look to for daily inspiration, whether you know it or not. And today, again, you have not failed me. I truly admire your gumption and courage to go for your dreams. It seems that you certainly have the fortitude and support to manifest the joy of a new chapter in your life. I will definitely be sticking around to see how things unfold. Thank you for sharing your life with us and best of all things to you and yours.


Thank you! And Good Morning! A brand new day awaits!

Nancy Orozco

Thank you for your honesty, courage and inspiration. Best wishes and look forward to supporting your next venture... I need a blog of my own, writing is so soothing and empowering.


Eileen Weigand

You have so inspired me to open up through this medium about creativity, loss, passions and life overall. Thank you- yours is a graceful soul which touches many and will soar to dizzying heights I'm sure. xoxo
Yours fondly,


~you have wings~
i can see them from here.

all GOOD things,
i am so excited for you!!!

mccabe xx


I'm pretty sure you already know this, but I'll say it anyway just in case; I will follow you anywhere my dear! Good luck and God Bless!

You've always been an inspiration to me...your candor, your loving spirit, your ability to live and let live, your patience and your creativity. I'm sure you'll do many great things as always.

Isabella is very lucky to have you as a mother.

Love you!


I am SO happy to read and feel all of the energy in this post! It reads and feels like a metamorphosis! Let us know when you emerge & I will follow you anywhere!!!!


Full circle, how beautiful.

I also noticed that you've gone back to Stacy with a y. Full circle indeed.

I cannot wait to see your life through pictures.


what a gorgeous photo of the two most important people in your life!

I will truly miss reading your blog, but COMPLETELY understand the path your life is taking you.

Bella needs her momma and all her love and creativeness.

I do enjoy the daily pictures, and love that you went back to Stacy on there too. :)


you go girl! love ya (and that picture of jimmy and isabella)...rock on sweetie...


I am so excited for you and can't wait to check out your jewelry! Especially themed around hope. What a powerful word that has meant for me in the past and present. You (and your girlfriends!) are such an inspiration for me.


this post is so well written.
i can completely relate to your choices and how scary they can be.
when i left teaching, i was not only leaving a paycheck, but i was leaving part of my identity behind. part of my heart, too.
as well, i am exploring the artist in me with my photography.
i don't regret a single day of breastmilk/drool bliss. i wouldn't have it any other way.
it is hard sometimes. but being present for your sweet baby...well...there is nothin' better.

i look forward to seeing your journey and reading your words.

congratulations on going for it.


Kirsten Michelle

even as you close this chapter...
you are an inspiration.
looking forward to following and supporting you as you spread your wings...
showing so many of us...
and your beautiful baby girl...
how it's done.
love and blessings.

gypsy alex

I can't wait for more stories, Schmoops! Loving you from here and thanking you for sharing your beauty and wisdom with us ~ xo ~


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