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September 01, 2008



Oh this is very exciting! What an incredible woman you are - there so much going on in that magical space that is your heart and head. I love that you'll be out there with Christine!


This is sooooo exciting, and I know we are going to have a wonderful show! CONGRATULATIONS!!!


Wow, this is fantastic, inspiring news! I can't wait to support your new venture! I'm at that same place in my life, wanting to do what inspires me, something that really has a deeper meaning. Thanks for giving me an extra little push!

Carnell Maynard

A psychiatrist makes millions helping people figure out that they knew the answers all along. Just like Dorothy and those red slippers. You already have a blog and you do it well!! You have a wonderful husband, a lot of friends and a beautiful child. They say when you find your calling; you never have to work another day in your life. Blogging for you is like breathing, effortless. And after reading your blogs, there is some much more that you do effortlessly. You are truly gifted. Good luck and God bless.


AMAZING!!! Your Etsy Store is just as beautiful as you are!! I know I say this often, but you are ALWAYS an inspiration to me.

Thank God for you and for people like you who live their dream and allow others, like myself, to muster up the courage to pursue our dreams as well.

I wish you nothing but the best and all of the success that life can offer. CONGRATULATIONS on the arrival of BOTH Bellas! Love you sweetie!



your pieces are BEAUTIFUL, and i know exactly what will be going on my christmas list now!

this is such a wonderful birth of creativity and your inspiration behind it makes it all the more magical.



Oh, honey, I am SO happy and excited for you. Your work is absolutely gorgeous. So much love to you! Congratulations!


Stace, I am a mess of all kinds of joy at this news! I can't wait to see where this leads. Sending love to amazing passionate creative visionary wonderful kind beautiful you (and Bella and Jimmy too). xoxoxo




congratulations honey :) they are absolutely beautiful!! wishing you the absolute bestest success ever :)


i'm so happy for you! you are empowering women everywhere.



I am so impressed...the jewelery is beautiful...I know this will be a success in so many to you,


What a beautifully honest entry. I love your jewelry pieces and wish you the best of luck with Bella wish...what a terrific name by the way. Your honesty, passion, and over all attitude is so inpsiring. Best of luck to you on your new adventure :)


I love your Bella Wish Jewelery I wnet to etsy to look at each of them... I loved them a little expensive for me right now but hey you never know.
Your journey is fantastic and you should write a book about it, your blog inspires so many people. You inspire me and I love beginning my day reading it. I do not know how you can handle everything but you do it and never give up,and everything you do is great and perfect!
I will try to meet in person you on Sep 28.. I can no say it for sure, because my life is little chaotic right now,but I will try.
Good luck with Bella Wish a beautiful name.


they look great! I would love to get one. But for your sake hopefully they sell out soon. :)

pink sky

i am so excited to see this part of your journey unfolding for you! it is truly magical. best wishes for your amazing new endeavor...xo


Oh, you go girl! I got to this post a bit late, but you know I wish you nothing but good things!! You are a true inspiration to us all & I can only hope to someday take the giant leap that you have taken and soon be MY own boss! Love you lots & can't wait to see how this goes for you. Big hugs!!


oh how delightful-the two of you together in a hip place. Oh how I wish I could attend.

You are both going to rock it!

And I agree that Ordinary Sparkling Moments is a treasure. The wisdom she shares is awe inspiring. I love it and am buying lots of them for holiday gifts.


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