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October 01, 2008



Hi Schmoopy & Bella
I love your necklaces! I am always proud of women that find a way to be great moms and keep that piece of them that can sometimes get lost with all the work. I can see you are mastering that with your new adventure. Congratulations!


I love October too - it's my first October living in Oregon after living in SoCal for all 39 years of my life. The trees are turning yellow and there are pumpkins piled up at the farm stands. It's incredible.

Congratulations to you and to all your dreams coming true. xo

pink sky

i am so excited for you as your creative dreams become reality! so lovely of you to also share your giving heart with the world. i too have joined in supporting the month of Hope by wearing my pink locks donated for the cause. yes, october is magical :)

Kelly H.

Happy October and happy first month of Bella Wish.

Congratulations on your success! After reading the comments above, I am now channeling James Taylor and "the frost is on the pumpkin" and getting ready for fall.

Your necklaces are beautiful and I am trying to decide on one from your shop.

Remember the art of finding balance!


hope...yes we can...hope...yes we can...yes we can...yes we can...hope...hope...hope...

thank *you for this inspiration. thank *you for embodying "hope" and "yes we can", Stacy.



You are da bomb and if a winner, I will wear your message with pride.



wow - believe me that I read this post through tears. I need all the hope I can get right now ... just got off the phone and to occupy my mind with something other than the bad news I had just received started visiting my favorite blogs and saw your hope necklace. Even if I don't *win* it, well, it gave me hope to see the words on that necklace - even for just a few minutes. Blessings to you and yours.

jill scripps

i love your sweet family picture below.

and i love your jewlery. it's beautiful.



October reminds me that very soon I will be raking leaves in huge piles just so my kids and I can jump in them. The cool wind on my face, the spice in my cup, and love in the air..

it gets me so excited!

Love your work!
Thanks for the inspiration.



What a wonderful thing you are doing!! How nice and thoughtful!

October will always be a special month for me (mom's birthday), and with your message about voting makes October more special. 4 years ago, my mom registered and voted in the last presidential election.


october is a delicious month -- my firstborn turns 25 this month, my july 1 baby will be voting in her first presidential election via absentee ballot, and you've already shown us, stacey with bella and bellawish that yes we can ... hope is magic...btw, the yes we can necklace is a super one!


This is a gorgeous necklace! All of your pieces reflect your beauty and your heart.

I hope the show this weekend went smashingly!

Lots of love and kisses to you and Bella


what a beautiful necklace! i would be so very proud to wear it.
and by the way... such a cute family portrait! you look fabulous!


congratulations! your creations are so beautiful, the more i look at them the more i like them, they are so unique.. and i agree with you, october is such a special month, so calm after the summer.. ps Bella is too cute!!


BellaWish is turning and twisting this take on these silver pendants in a decisively refreshing way--they are really wearable: chunky and appealing to the sense of touch, yet refined, urban yet still soft and whimsical.

I really am so happy for all that you have got going on! Carry on!

A Fan named Juliana


you are a big ball of creativity in a teeny tiny body.
love all of the above.
you rock.


ps i love october too and want to wear new hot pink arm warmers SO BAD but it is already almost 80 degrees today. what can a girl do....


I love your hope necklace! October is my favourite month not only because it is my birthday month but it makes me want to find a cozy sweater, go apple picking, sip tea and listen to sarah mclachlan. i love fall!!


I am also a big fan of October and a big fan of yours! You have been so inspiring in so many ways and I would love to be included in the drawing to win one of your lovely necklaces. Congratulations on all of your success and the celebration you allow for the abundance in your life.

all the best


so happy that BellaWish is taking off for you.....I love all of your work and can't wait to wear my special request necklace! Mucho hugs and luv!!


Your jewelry is beautiful! It's inspiring to hear that your business is doing so well that it has already exceeding your original expectations.

It's wonderful that you're giving back to the community through the donations to the Koman foundation and your give away.


you have a beautiful family and i love your art!


Gorgeous necklace. A good friend of mine is a breast cancer survivor and if I win I will it pass it on to her.


I LOVE my survivor necklace. I do feel it gives me extra strength. I can't wait to wear it to my appointment next week for my yearly clean bill of health from my oncologist. Thank you for making me feel so special.
Love you tons!

Eileen Weigand

I am so excited that BellaWish is doing well! You seem to be flourishing and that is a really good thing!!! :)

Are you still thinking about a small book or PDF we can purchase concerning your diet during the last months of your pregnancy? I am still super interested and am just working for better health overall with my diabetes, and would gobble up your ideas happily. :D


Congratulations on your first month of being in business for yourself! i recently made the plunge myself. Hope is a word that resonates with me these days.


Every time I see 'a string of your wishes' I see a little bit deeper into your heart!
Of course your business is doing great! It's name is Bella Wish! A little girl...full of inspiration...who's wishes are coming true! xx

krista phillips

congrats on your big success!!! i am coming up on the year anniversary of my own small business ( yoga for kids) and am in the midst of reflecting on my tremendous blessings, as well! isn't wonderful to feel such gratitude?


I am so very proud of you and so inspired all at the same time. I've read your blog for over a year now and have sent up oh so many prayers for you and to see you take this leap is so amazing to watch.

You rock!!!



You deserve it all, my sweet... I'm so happy for you!

Fall in Southern Florida isn't very "fallish"... people are selling pumpkins and the light has gotten all slanty, but it's still 90 degrees!!!

:) xoxo ~ i HOPE I win!


Cancer is a personal issue for me. My beloved dog just died of cancer. Yes....a dog. Beloved even so. Hope is so appropriate...hope I can recover from the loss, hope he can recover from the loss (I just know he misses me :) and hope that there is a cure one day for EVERYONE). It is a terrible evil that rips your heart out.

I love your jewelry, your photos, your blog and and feel honored to have found you.




I'm new to your blog . . . but I gasped when I saw your "Your Wings Exist" necklace on the Gypsy Girls Guide blog -- so I had to check you out! Good timing, I see! I would love to be the owner of either one of the pendants!! Beautiful messages, both of them!


Hi again. :)

Well, since you're having a contest and all...

I have a friend who is in both a really good place and a really bad place. Actually, she's taking the first steps to get out of this bad place which is why she's in a good place.

Anyways, the day that she opened up and told me where she was and what was honestly going on in her life... she said that this is the first time that she's felt "hope" in a long time. So I'm entering for her. :)

As far as mine goes... I never take it off. :)




Congratulations on your 1st amazing month in business and wishing you many, many, many more! Something that combines such spirit and beauty is bound to succeed!

Your necklaces are absolutely beautiful and whoever wins one (and I can't deny I'd love one of them to be me) will be delighted to wear it with pleasure and pride. Thank you for your generosity!


2008 has been, without a doubt, the hardest year I have had in years. The idea of a necklace that says either "Hope" or "Yes we can" sounds heavenly...congrats on your first month o' business! xoxo


october is so my favourite month for so many twirling and dance-able reasons ... i am so happy and excited for you that bellawish is soaring and you right along with her :) smooches beautiful you, xo


I love that everything is falling into place for you!!! I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I am for you....and, you are quite the inspiration to us all. I knew that you would be nothing short of successful, so reading these updates brings a smile to my face. Big hugs, big love! Hope to see you soon. :) XOXO


I knew you would come back eventually! Not surprised at all :) I love love love your necklaces! And you are doing a great job! I have an adorable little girl myself, so I am very much aware what life with a baby is like. You rock, girl :)


I just found your site from Boho Girl, and I have to say that your story inspires me. I am about to embark on an artistic career of small businesshood, and it is kind of scary. But to see that success is possible gives me hope... and maybe the comment gives me the 'hope' pendant???? I didn't come for the giveaway, just stumbled upon it, but it's a pretty cool pendant.

And I was wondering if these pendants would also work for a key chain, or something more masculine? Do guys buy these too? I am specifically speaking of the Iloveyouverymuch pendant. Seems like a good gift to a special guy.


Congrats on the launch of Bella Wish, Stacy! I was looking at your family picture and marvelling at how much Bella has grown, and how lovely your family is.

I'm so glad that your business has been everything you hoped for and so much more, and I am cheering you on for continued success.


As the proud 'wearer' of the "Embrace Your Journey" necklace, I must tell you I so enjoy it.

As I just celebrated my 59th birthday, I realize my life has held a whole bunch more ups than downs!

Each and every experience has been a great teacher. I have many more paths remaining, but I will embrace each and every one with bliss!

Of course I don't want to be included in the drawing, but just wanted the lucky person to know what a delight wearing the necklace will be for them!



your work is amazing! what a great giveaway:)


Hope ... so powerful, but so easily lost. A constant reminder would be just the thing.

Katie Lynn

you are so brave to follow your dream, and what a beautiful outcome :)
Happy Anniversary to BellaWish


I have been a quiet little lurker witnessing your journey and feeling so special to share in it. Your new work(s) (all of them) are just beautiful.

Becca Stephens

Stacy, thanks for linking me back to you from Bohos blog. I truly love your new line of lovelies. : ) As Denise knows very well, my HOPE is strong! My hubbs and I are also dealing with pregnancy issues. We just recently lost another pregnancy, this last one in August at 14 weeks. We are HOPEful that our lives and journey will allow us to be parents to a unique little Stephens bubba! : ) HOPE is what keeps us when I spied that beauty, I bookmarked it to my Etsy faves asap...showed my MUST buy me THIS! : )
So, if Im not chosen to win this lovely ray of'll be hearing from me when I (or my hubbs) buys it, (along with others...oh, the choices.....too fun honey!)
PS. Bella is beautiful, ya did good!

Sarah Farmer Earll

Stacie, you have truly found yourself! best wishes for everything wonderful.



i think you are the ultimate example of giving back, you just exude the giving vibe. you are a dear, sweet woman and deserve all of the success you are receiving. i sincerely want to thank you, you inspire me to reach a little further.

i can *hope* to win, right?

i'm also having a (silly) giveaway on my blog, come on over to see my little monsters. ;-D



Your jewelery is beauty-full, I'd love a chance to win.

Susan Sullivan

Hi...I love your jewelry and reading your blog. I am buying one of your necklaces to day and perhaps will be the lucky recipient of a second one :-) All the best, Susan


Clicking around in blog land today I came across your wonderful etsy shop. I have posted an entry about it on my blog, your desgins are beautiful.
Congratualations and I'm sure Bella Wish will continue to go from strength to strength.

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