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October 10, 2008



1) Finally got some traction on the job front. Interviews next week

2) The end of my bathroom renovation is finally within sight

3) Great friends to celebrate my birthday

4) At least one child who cooperates

5) Egg McMuffin w/out meat


funny, I am doing the same thing, but on Mondays. :-)

1 - My daughter being soothed just by being in my arms
2 - Being able to work on new jewelry designs for the first time since Thea was born
3 - Honeycrisp apples
4 - Date night with my husband
5 - A really lovely conversation with my friend Nancy tonight.



1. Connecting with you.
2. Truly helping a family that I case manage. Meaning...helping them help themselves and see them succeed and see the pride in their own faces.
3. The pumkin empanada a co worker bought for me.
4. The abilty to paln an event that are going to make people happy and feel appreciated at work.
5. A surprise flower delivery at work from my hubbs!


"i want to be able to call myself an artist and not cringe when i say it."

awhhha man. This is such a good line. I wish that you'd go into this one here more too.

How do we get to that point? Why do I feel as though I'm not a "writer" until I have been published and excepted in the publishing world even though my life revolves around this. (when I'm not blocked that is.) When do we cross that line between wanting and being?

Can I just say that I'm grateful? For what? Well, all of it actually.





i plan on getting into this a lot more... it's gonna get messy, raw and fun. stay tuned...



right now...

1. sleep...mmmm....zzzzzz....:-)

2. dirty little faces!
(left Kellen with my brother this morning and when he came down, my brother put make-up on his little face (and my brother is 31 years old)...then I went up a bit later to check on him..and my brother was teaching him how to through powder on his hands, how to clap them and then rub it all over his face...and tonight we were having a barbecue...and my brother and Kellen's daddy gave him some black cole to play with, teaching him in the process how to rub it onto his face...) I'll send you's so funny!

3. family! I love my family!

4. being assertive...and open (cringe)

5. magical friends like you! xx


5 things this week? Hmmm.....
1) Thankful that the weather was cooler since I love Autumn!
2) Being healthy
3) my hubby got off work early 2 days in a row!
4) happy to start planning for turkey day w/ all my far-away siblings coming to LA!
5) grateful, that so far, no wild-fires are threatening my home or neighborhood!


1•a beautiful fall weekend, full of brilliant leaves and family
2•yummy homemade pizza
3•the hot-air balloon that appeared over the apple orchard
4•new friends moving in up and down the road
5•discovering that my new blog had a comment! (thank you! yes, that is my painting! you are so kind. you also have a beautiful journey shared on your blog. may i add you to my inspiration-list of links?)


* New Loves
* Old Loves
* Caffeine
* Second Chances
* Third Chances


You are an artist! You've always been one no matter what you were doing at the time. And you're a writer as well and while I don't know "Nik" I'm sure she's a talented writer as well.

5 Things I am thankful for...

1. My healthy son
2. My healthy and generous husband
3. That I've had the luxury of not working and just enjoying my son for almost 15 months now.
4. My family-as dysfunctional as we may be.
5. My friends who still email and/or call me and haven't dropped me like a bad habit just because I had a child.

You're doing great work Stacy! Keep inspiring us with your words of wisdom. We all need to take some time to be thankful for what we have; to love ourselves more and doubt ourselves less, and to reach out to others because everyone can always use a friend and you never know when you'll make a difference in someone's life.

Love you kiddo! Give j! and Bella-Boo our love.

Auntie d.

gypsy alex

Oh, girl. You and I need to talk! If you see my post, you'll know what I mean. I am a big mush of ideas, emotions, unwritten posts... Gratitude is also something that has been on my mine lately, and I even thought about also just posting about that from now on. I guess it's just that this longing to find ourselves as artists takes a life of its own and it makes it hard to stay real and be grateful for what already is. * You are a shining star! *


my health, date nights with my hubby, my oh-so-soft-cuddly bed, our jobs, another day on this beautiful earth

pink sky

beautiful gratitude...
beautiful thoughts...
always inspired...


What a beautiful post.

I am grateful for:

My adorable husband
All the October lovelies in my family + 1 March boy
The sound of rain while I'm falling asleep
Mittens that fit
Friends who lend books


thank you for your beautiful, from the heart writing. I find myself in a similar place, my journey to re discover my creative self. It can be overwhelming listening to those whispers of our hearts & wanting to fly high, not quite sure where the currents will take us , if we will fall. But our wings are made for the purpose.

my 5 precious things
* the other half of me- so new, so unexpected, so right
* my 3 gentle sweet children, blooming day by day
* my gift of creativity i have yet to discover to its fullness
* the awe inspiring beauty of autumn sunshine
* finding peace in these first new days of my new beginning

ps. i think the word "artist" is yours to use already

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