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October 29, 2008



YES! amen, sister.
i am so excited to take a photo next tuesday of my daughter (17 months) in her carrier on my back at the polling station. you should post one of you and beautiful bella!


I can't think of a proposition in the last eight years that upset me more than this one.....I abhor fear-based politics. I obviously voted NO ON 8 when I voted early -- and, I will be waiting anxiously on Tuesday night for some much needed change!!!!!


ROCK ON, girl! NO ON 8!!!!! I love this & if I get a moment to try to photo myself, I will totally do it. What a neat post!

We went to our first "same-sex wedding" 2 weeks ago for a couple I have been friends with for over 8 years; a couple that committed to one another over 16 years ago in Hawaii, but were now able to make it legal, as it should be, on the steps of the Burbank City Hall. It was one of thee most touching ceremonies I ever attended & I was proud to live in a State where this was, at long-last, legal, so I hope it continues as such.

NO ON 8!
NO ON 8!
NO ON 8!!!

xoxo -Sueberry


that video made me cry... big, joyfull, pit of my stomach, weepy tears.. I love that!


Jeanette/No On 102

Thank you SO much for doing this, and for any of your readers who consider taking a pic or supporting the efforts to defeat these propositions in any way.

Ordinary people can do extraordinary things.

You are beautiful!

PS: I am SO totally saving for one of those "Be The Change" necklaces for myself :)

kelly beautiful.
i am wearing my rockstar bauble.
i love it.

yes we can.

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