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December 31, 2008



Oh, my goodness. And then at the end where she's surrounded with the stones . . . I have no words. Just beautiful. Happy new year!


happy new year beautiful you ... this was so incredibly beautiful :)

p.s. i am wearing those same stripey tights right now, tee hee


As someone who is still holding onto the hope, I'm crying after watching this. It was so incredibly beautiful, particularly the image of Bella sleeping surrounded by DM's rocks.

I wish you and your gorgeous family all the happiness in the world for 2009.


Oh, my. Soooo sweet. When did she get so big? Blessings on your New Year.

Gypsy Alex

Thank you for sharing with us this amazingly sweet video! Wishing you much joy and goodness in 2009! Your necklace has been a huge companion and a very powerful one! We must catch up soon. xxxox


Very beautiful!

boho girl



Such a lovely little video...and such a beautiful sweet little one:)


That was just the beautiful little piece of magic I needed right now. Thank you so much!


What a beautiful video and message. Isabella is just so sweet.

I admit I was giddy to see the rocks McCabe created with our words - *sparkle*... giddy smile.


best wishes and blessings to you and your wee one too -

Happy New Year!

(Did you know that the necklace you sent to the UK for Christmas was for me??? I LOVE IT!!!)



So cute and amazing and powerful and inspirational...I could go on and on. Love you...and Jimmy and baby Bella!!!

liz elayne

this fills my heart up with such hope...
thank you for sharing these pieces of you...

blessings to you in this new year.

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