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May 09, 2009



Thank you sweet Stacy for this incredibly thoughtful post. I feel like I've been seen and acknowledged in a world that almost never notices those of us who don't fit the "model" of a "normal" life. You are a blessing. x


I almost never know what to say in situations like this, I am at a loss for words, despite experiencing grief many times during my life. But this post is so touching and thoughtful. The pendant is beautiful and I'm sure that it will be treasured.


thank you for all of this, love. truly beautiful. i'm so glad you're able to extend your talent to truly touch souls... that's what it's all about it. and what a good example this gives to sweet bella boo.

love you.


Happy Momma's Day to you!!!! XOXO


That was beautiful.


Hi there

I maybe want to buy a bracelet with words but I dent know how I can contact you about wat it costs. Can you answer me by this way? And can I put down words that I want to have on the bracelet? (Sorry my enlish isn'n very good)

Greetings Anja

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